How to maintain communication with customers during the COVID-19 epidemic

During the epidemic, many stores are closed, customers do not come to no business, coupled with the outbreak caused panic among consumers, it can be said that the next six months of business will be greatly affected.

In addition to the basic source of savings, cost savings, comfort staff, at this stage, cannot start business does not mean there is nothing to do. The most important is how to maintain the current customer service relationship.

So now the most important, on the one hand is to appease paying customers, on the other hand is to maintain potential customers.

Anti-epidemic news and consultation sharing

Share the latest situation and analysis of epidemic with customers. — share relevant articles or pictures

  1. “seven-step washing technique” to teach the correct hand washing steps, can be illustrated or take a small video washing points for attention.
  2. “the correct use of masks” to teach the correct use of masks, as well as the disposal of discarded masks, can be illustrated or take a video warning everyone to do a good job of protection.
  3. “daily out, self-protection measures” to teach simple and practical self-protection methods, can be illustrated or shoot a small video to warn you to go out matters needing attention.
  4. “the method of home disinfection” imparts simple and practical home disinfection knowledge, can be illustrated or shoot a small video imparts everyone home disinfection tips and matters needing attention.

Sympathy work

Spiritual sympathy: epidemic depression at home, how is the mood, customers need to talk, need friends, more need spiritual comfort.

Material comfort: masks, disinfectant and so on have become the hard currency, if you can give the customer to send these, I believe that more can give the customer to bring the heart touched. If not, for the customer to order some necessary daily necessities, to avoid cross-infection, is also a touch.

Communicate details

  1. Can do some health knowledge sharing group, or fitness exercise punch group
  2. Ahead of target clients with the analysis of the mass information, judge you send information, what is useful for the client. Add key items that may be of interest to the other party, such as price-sensitive customers, and increase price concessions during an outbreak.
  3. When sending messages to each customer, the address must be exquisite, let the intended customer think you are special, and very respect him.
  4. See the intention of the customer’s news, hand to a thumb up, or appropriate comments, enhance the sense of familiarity.
  5. Pay attention to send activity information in a timely manner after greetings. During the epidemic period, there will be higher discounts and more services, etc., and list these clearly. It is best to have a comparison with previous years in order to win over customers as far as possible under the idea.

WhatsApp greetings

You can directly put the following greetings to the customer:

  1. The current outbreak is serious, take care of yourself, go out as little as possible, wash your hands, wear a mask when going out. May our peace be happiness and we meet again in due time.
  2. The current epidemic, life forward. Isolate virus only, do not isolate service! Wish you and your family good health! Protect!
  3. Please try to reduce going out, avoid crowded areas, do not participate in public activities and friends and relatives dinner, go out please wear masks, strengthen personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, do a good job of personal and family members security protection.
  4. Under the epidemic, we should maintain a good attitude, heavy protection, disinfection, less going out and parties, to protect themselves and their families, together through the difficulties.

Examples of speech skills

  1. Reflect the responsibility of the store and be responsible for customers

XX, I am XX, the boss of XX. During the epidemic, we will open our shop in response to the government’s call. This is responsible to our respected customers and to our society. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you during the closure of the store. In this special period, we believe that we can forge ahead together with all of you. We believe that with the advanced medical science and the strength of the country, we will surely succeed in fighting the epidemic.

  1. Appease customers

XX, as this is a special epidemic period, our business time will be adjusted to XX, during which we will conduct whole-store disinfection, internal health training and management, and provide you with a professional sterile and safe service environment and service process after opening.

  1. Look forward to the future and give customers’ confidence

XX, nowadays the medical science and technology is developed, the pneumonia epidemic will pass sooner or later. And this epidemic is to give us a health alarm, only a healthy body, good immunity, is our greatest wealth. XX wishes you good health.