The chaos behind mask imports and exports around the world

April fool’s day, April 1, 2020, has just passed. Until now, COVID-19 has swept the world, the number of patients up to a million, the death toll has reached tens of thousands of people, respirator protective clothing and other supplies become a global “strategic materials”, however, the above said is not an April fool’s joke, but is happening in fact.

The harsh truth is not just the cold data, but the repeated disasters to individuals and families. Others are catastrophic. These disasters are not only a test, but also a mirror, reflecting the people under the disaster.

Stock up

Stock masks, disinfectant, this is the past. Major countries in Europe and the United States are almost universal stock of toilet paper. In addition to toilet paper, all kinds of food, daily necessities, are a large number of stocks. It’s understandable that these people are going out for no other reason than to cut back. There are also wholesalers and distributors who hoard goods in order to sell them at high prices in the future. But some have miscalculated: despite the outbreak, many manufacturers have not cut production. So some of these people made a lot of money, there are also a lot of people in the stock did not get the benefits of the time, can only sell a large number of floor prices, say how nasty coronavirus.

Face masks

If said in early February, a mask of supply is not to catch up with him, China is also a cover is hard to find. Many face masks have only ordinary protective effect, and even have no ability to prevent a novel coronavirus, but a face mask is a comfort. With the mask slowly more, people have enough time to remember, oh oh oh, there are many foreign friends in their country also broke, they may also lack of masks. From the import mask to the export mask, immediately took place 180 degrees of change. Governments around the world are buying masks around the world, and there is no shortage of news of stolen government masks in Europe. All of a sudden, we can find people everywhere can start up masks, do e-commerce also began to sell masks, this business is booming, like a novel coronavirus in our eyes, just became our opportunity to make money. Even some sales platforms say, “if you don’t sell masks today, you’re already behind the trend of making money.”

Even many customers around me who are not engaged in textile business also began to ask me whether the production equipment of polypropylene, melt-spraying cloth and masks could be exempted from the formalities and whether the customs clearance is very convenient. “SSS, how much is the tax refund for the export of masks in China now?” “SSS, what qualification do we need to export mask medical?” “SSS, civilian face mask does not need qualification document?” . Every day there is a scene and scene of the “mask is crazy”.

The quality problem

Since the beginning of February, I have received many calls from people asking me to return the masks to Europe without CE certification. Some asked if I could retreat to another country, others whether I could enter Europe by other means, and still others whether I would be fined by the Chinese government if I returned to China. To this end, the Chinese government issued an administrative order on April 1 to strictly check the product qualification and certification requirements of all epidemic prevention materials to ensure the legal compliance of export epidemic prevention materials.

Governments’ attitudes towards the new crown

I dare not say that China is the strictest in terms of its attitude towards the new champion, but it must be the best in prevention and control. There was an anecdote recently: a new patient was found in a certain country, and one was shot. I wonder if this is a rumor, even if it isn’t, but the more I think about it, the more interesting it becomes: is there a place that would actually do this? Flu kills more people each year in the United States than it does in China. But as the outbreak escalated, the result was endemic violence. One story was that Germany had taken down the masks of the rest of Europe, and then countries in the European Union started to follow suit. After all, the way of the world is out of order, and the government does not play the CARDS, how can the people be stable? Or is it that the government is going off the rails just to reassure people? But where is that credibility?

The attitude of ordinary people towards the new crown

Ordinary people feared the fear of the new crown and wished the disaster were over. In this disaster, human beings have reflected a variety of different people, some hope and sigh, others think this is unfounded. Some get rich while others lose money. Restaurants and tourism have been hit hard. The real economy is in a slump. Housing prices are falling, students are starting school later… All the people are looking forward to the early end of the disaster, let the spring bright, full of laughter, people can take off their masks, face the sea, spring flowers.

Finally, I hope you can safely through the outbreak, even if the purchase of epidemic prevention materials also want to choose the formal channels to purchase, to avoid the two empty.