44 rumors and common sense about novel coronavirus

The virulence of a novel coronavirus makes everyone cautious. However, during the outbreak of various rumors also began to disrupt the audio-visual, there are subversion of common sense, the destruction of the three views of the case, there are also eye-catching, deceive the flow of the case, there are more opportunities to promote products examples. Whatever its nature, it is the common people who are hurt by the rumors.

ShopShipShake has compiled 33 hot rumors about a novel coronavirus and 11 common sense items to help you survive the SARS outbreak.

36 rumors

A common feature of these rumors is the invention of a food or drug that prevents a novel coronavirus.

1. Can lactoferrin prevent novel coronavirus?

Preliminary studies have shown that lactoferrin may have some health benefits for infants, which is then interpreted as eating lactoferrin to enhance immunity, and then further described as preventing novel coronavirus, a marketing hoax.

2. eat lactobacillin tablets or probiotics to prevent novel coronavirus?

Lactobacillin and probiotics act like yogurt and may play a role in the intestinal flora. However, there is no research showing that they can prevent novel coronavirus, because so far there is no food or medicine to prevent it.

3. tea can effectively prevent novel coronavirus?

Similar to the above, a novel coronavirus is a respiratory infection, tea is into the esophagus, there is no evidence that tea can effectively prevent novel coronavirus, most of these rumors have the purpose of promoting products.

4. red wine polyphenols have hormone effect, drinking red wine can delay the development of the disease?

According to the pneumonia treatment plan, alcohol is not one of the drugs to treat novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Chinese nutrition society to give anti-epidemic diet advice is to reduce drinking. Red wine is good, but this is not the right time.

5. Can eating chili reduce the risk of death from pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus? A novel coronavirus cannot be taken for granted. Scientists are working hard to find a food that has a clear effect ona novel coronavirus.

6. taking vitamin-C can effectively prevent novel coronavirus?

Vitamin C has some benefits in maintaining immune function, but it does not prevent novel coronavirus. Infection in humans depends on exposure to the virus.

7. Eating garlic can kill a novel coronavirus.

Li Taisheng, a professor and director of the department of infectious medicine at Peking union medical college hospital, said that there is no scientific basis for such a claim. On the one hand, there is no medical evidence to prove it.

8. Eating more strawberries can prevent novel coronavirus?

The Chinese nutrition society recommends that confirmed patients or ordinary people eat more fruits and vegetables during this time to supplement nutrition and strengthen their health, but they cannot prevent novel coronavirus, including strawberries.

9. smoking can effectively prevent novel coronavirus?

Zhong’s team also denied that the low rate of smokers infected with a novel coronavirus was a case of distortion. Regular smokers suffer from chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, itself resistance is poor, the rate of any disease is significantly higher than non-smokers.

The purpose of this kind of rumor is to attract people’s attention by exaggerating and seeking novelty, so as to gain more attention.

10. Eating pork can infect a novel coronavirus?

There have been no reports of pigs infected with a novel coronavirus, so the presence of the virus on the pork may simply be droplets with the virus falling on it. But the virus can only multiply and grow in live animals, so even if the virus is present on the surface of the pork it dies quickly and is cooked thoroughly, and there is no problem.

11. Can drinking plenty of water prevent infection by novel coronavirus?

According to the mechanism of infection, novel coronavirus mainly invades respiratory mucosal epithelial cells and proliferates in the epithelial cells. Drinking a lot of water cannot prevent the virus from entering the respiratory tract. The key to novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention is not to contact the source of the infection.

12. Eating a banana can infect a novel coronavirus?

Novel coronavirus comes from an animal. It is transmitted by an animal. A banana is not its host.

13. Seafood can infect a novel coronavirus?

The present study speculates that the natural host of novel coronavirus may be bats, and that there is likely to be an intermediate host, mainly wild animals, in bat-to-human transmission. It is safe to cook seafood before eating it.

14. Can fireworks prevent novel coronavirus?

This is the rumor that destroys the three views. The chemical composition after firework burning not only cannot contain the transmission of virus, the oxide that its produces still produces strong stimulation to human respiratory tract, can cause respiratory tract disease when serious.

15. A coat with a fur collar or wool easily absorbs a novel coronavirus.

Completely out of the blue, because a novel coronavirus can linger on any object, including clothing of any material.

Protection and protective equipment: the cause of this kind of rumors is that we lack some professional knowledge of virus protection.

16. The correct way to sneeze is to cover your nose and mouth with your hands.

When sneezing or coughing, the correct practice is to cover the mouth and nose with elbow clothing, single hand can not effectively block.

17. The correct way to wear a mask: cold when the color of the side facing out, no cold when the color of the side facing in?

There is only one correct way to wear a mask, the colored side facing out and the white or light side facing in.

18. The use of the mask can be used to iron with boiling water?

Hot with boiling water, will change the internal structure of the mask affect the protective effect, at the same time, the mask disinfection needs a long time high temperature conditions, boiling water cannot meet the requirements.

19. Fold the paper towel in half on the mouth of the mask to extend the use time?

Ordinary paper towels can absorb the water vapor from the mouth at most, and cannot replace the filtration function, because the actual virus is only about 100nm, which is very, very small. It also allows air to enter easily from the cheeks, and the chemicals on the tissue can cause respiratory allergies.

20. sanitary napkin pad in the mask can prevent virus?

Bacteria-resistant sanitary pads are mainly for escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus. To prevent droplets, it is the particle filtration efficiency of the mask that depends on. There is no evidence that sanitary pads and pads have such protection.

21. Anti-overflow milk pad attached to disposable mask can filter virus? Anti-overflow emulsion paste does not have the particle filtration function, and can block a novel coronavirus, the key is to see the particle filtration efficiency of the ability, in a non-medical disposable mask with anti-overflow milk pad, there is no way to block a novel coronavirus.

22. A vaccine against common pneumonia can prevent a novel coronavirus?

The world health organization says pneumonia vaccines such as pneumococcal vaccines and haemophilus influenzae b vaccines do not prevent novel coronavirus. Unlike previously discovered viruses, a novel coronavirus needs its own vaccine.

23. Can you identify the authenticity of the mask by whether it is waterproof or not?

Unreliable. Because the surface of a lot of fake masks on the market also USES the polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven material that can be waterproof, but to the middle layer of the mask has the core protection effect of the electrostatic melt spraying cloth with spunbonded cloth impersonation, therefore, through waterproof to identify unreliable.

24. The thicker the mask, the better the anti-virus effect?

Although the medical surgical mask is relatively thin, but the filtration efficiency is very high, the combination of water-blocking layer, filtration layer, moisture absorption layer can effectively prevent the invasion of the virus, but the general cotton mask although thick, but basically does not have the role of preventing infectious diseases, is not reliable.

25. Can N95 mask be worn continuously for one day?

N95 medical professional respirator, recommended to use for 6 to 8 hours, the one-time duration of no more than 4 hours, if the long-term continuous use, easy to cause poor breathing, or even more serious lung damage. Ordinary people are advised to wear surgical masks and professional masks are reserved for medical staff.

Disinfection: the same is the lack of professional understanding of the virus, so that we cannot correctly disinfection.

26. Soaking at 50℃ for more than 20 minutes can effectively kill novel coronavirus.

According to the characteristics of a novel coronavirus, it is effective to inactivate a novel coronavirus by boiling the water for more than 20 minutes or soaking it at 56℃ for 30 minutes.

27. Can gargling with salt water effectively kill a novel coronavirus?

A novel coronavirus infection occurs mainly in the respiratory system. Gargling with salt water is good for cleaning the mouth and throat, but it is not effective in killing the virus in the respiratory tract.

28. the virus is afraid of heat, with hot water vapor smoke nasal cavity can kill a novel coronavirus?

Viruses are indeed afraid of heat, but the human body is also afraid of heat, if the use of 56℃ high temperature for a long time to kill the virus, the human body cannot stand and may be faster than a novel coronavirus problem.

29. the higher the disinfection alcohol concentration, the higher the disinfection effect?

75% of the alcohol is the most effective disinfectant, can eliminate live lipophilic ester virus, but the concentration of 90% of the alcohol but the effectiveness will be reduced, because it will make the virus surface protein instant curing, form a protective layer, hinder the further destruction of the alcohol to the viral nucleic acid, is not conducive to the overall inactivation of the virus.

30. Turning the heat on above 20℃ can kill a novel coronavirus.

Novel coronavirus is sensitive to heat, but it needs at least 56℃ to kill it and lasts for half an hour. The heating cannot reach such a temperature, and turning on the heating air conditioner for a long time is not conducive to indoor air circulation.

31. Chlorine dioxide can be put into humidifier to reduce aerosol transmission.

At the moment, aerosol transmission is only a possibility, and caution is needed, but not too much panic. This is, chlorine dioxide in the air can be broken down into chlorine gas and oxygen, too much or long-term exposure to chlorine gas is harmful to the human body, therefore, if not the environment does have virus pollution, generally will not use chlorine dioxide aerosol disinfection.

32. Blow the mask, face and hands with the strong dryer for 30 seconds to disinfect them.

There is no scientific basis for these claims, and they do not meet the disinfection temperature. If the virus is present, the wind instead tends to form aerosols to spread the infection.

33. Can a mask be disinfected by heating it in the microwave oven?

On the one hand, the internal structure of the mask is destroyed, and the mask cannot be used anymore. On the other hand, the microwave oven cannot continue to heat food after the treatment of medical waste.

11 common sense tips

1. A novel coronavirus in the air will not be carried to the ground by snowflakes

The WHO made it clear that there was no concern that a novel coronavirus could spread through snow. The coronavirus, which mainly accumulates in humans and relies on human tissues to reproduce, dies quickly in the air.

2. Novel coronavirus has a high risk of infection through feces

At present, a live novel coronavirus has been isolated from the patient’s feces, so the possibility of fecal mouth transmission is increased, so be sure to clean your hands after going to the bathroom.

3. Ultraviolet disinfection can kill a novel coronavirus

According to covid-19 quick guide to diagnosis and treatment, 75% alcohol, ether, chloroform, formaldehyde, chlorine-containing disinfectant, peracetic acid and ultraviolet light can inactivate novel coronavirus.

4. Spray alcohol into the air, flammable and explosive risk

Alcohol, which is highly flammable and explosive liquid, even if 75% of medical alcohol was easy to be burning, after spraying with alcohol, vaporize, there will be a part of the alcohol concentration decreases, but the contact with oxygen, more fully in the air as long as there is about 3.5% of the alcohol, open flames, electrostatic sparks or high temperature material, explosion, therefore, not to the aerial spraying, don’t spray to the people.

5. Chlorine dioxide disinfectant can kill novel coronavirus

Chlorine dioxide has a strong oxidation effect, is a class of efficient disinfectant, according to the product specification recommended concentration and time, can effectively kill novel coronavirus.

6. 1.5 meters is the best distance for communication

Current research shows that novel coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets and contact transmission, and it is relatively safe to keep 1.5 meters away from the patient or pathogen carrier.

7. Novel coronavirus will be stored on cell phones and elevator buttons

A study has pointed out that the traces of a novel coronavirus were found on the door handle, so there is also such a possibility for mobile phones and elevator buttons. In addition, the number of bacteria and viruses in these items is large. It is best to wash your hands after contact.

8. No mutual infection between pets and humans was found

Current research shows that there are more than 50 types of coronavirus, four genera, which can infect many animals. However, there is a species barrier between them, and they do not infect each other randomly. There are only 7 species that can infect each other.

9. Central air conditioning may spread diseases

Central air conditioning has the potential to spread disease. Stop or reduce the use of central air conditioning during the outbreak, the air conditioning must be turned on at the same time fan. Clean the air conditioner regularly, open the doors and Windows regularly every day, and take a gout breath.

10. Novel coronavirus is not transmitted by mosquito bites

In the “novel coronavirus infected pneumonia treatment scheme (trial fifth edition)” issued by the national health commission, it is shown that novel coronavirus is mainly spread by respiratory droplets, but also can be spread by contact. There is no mention of insect-borne transmission.

11. Chlorine-containing disinfectant cannot be used together with toilet cleaner.

Chlorine-containing disinfectant and lavatory cleanser are used at the same time, which can easily produce toxic gas and harm human health. It is also not recommended to use with alcohol, as the disinfection effect may be weakened or even toxic gas.