How did the mask come into being? Let’s take you to the production shop

In the last two or three months, masks have become a necessity of people’s lives, I believe that for most people, from small to large may not be as these months with masks such an ” Indissoluble bond.” So how did the mask, the object that has come in close contact with us the most recently, come about?

To understand the production process of masks in detail, we have to mention the raw material – non-woven cloth. The non-woven fabric used to produce masks mainly has blue and white colors, which are divided into two types: spunbonded non-woven fabric and melt-sprayed non-woven fabric. In the production line, roughly through the “pressing”, “upper ear belt”, “packaging sterilization” these three links, the original or into a roll of non-woven fabric suddenly changed into a square face mask blank.

The word “pressing” may sound confusing to you, but it’s not hard to understand. As we all know, there are usually three folds on the surface of the mask, which need to be manually stretched when used.

In the “pressing” process, the “bridge of the nose” is also carried out. Yes, the thin strip on the bridge of the nose that needs to be pressed when wearing a mask. It is a thin strip of adhesive tape, which is passed through the machine in the “pressing” part into the cut part of the mask.

The next step is the “upper ear band” process. In the mask production line of QiXin group, the “upper ear band” is divided into mechanical operation and manual operation. This process looks like a girl pierced ears, the pressure piece of the semi-finished mask to the belt machine, “dong” a sudden two soft texture, full of flexibility of the ear belt to play.

Manual operation takes a little time. The technician should press the semi-finished mask with one hand, hold the “gun head” of the belt beating machine with the other hand and operate manually. The two ears have four holes. Dong, dong, dong, dong four after, only with two or three seconds, a mask manual tape process is completed.

Finished pressing piece, finished tape, so far, a molding mask officially announced the birth.

Of course, from the production workshop to enter the market, masks also need to go through the packaging process. Formed masks are often scattered after production, workers need to put these large quantities of scattered masks finished products, a group of ten neat, after a film covering, sterilization, spray production code process, can enter the packing, logistics, sales links.