How to discern between true and false masks?

About the mask

There are many rumors circulating in the market

Today, we are going to break it one by one

Rumor 1: a qualified mask will absorb a lot of paper, otherwise it is not qualified.

Spread saying: mask can absorb small paper is a qualified mask, otherwise is not qualified.

Here’s the truth:

In the case of complete structure, the mask can absorb a large number of paper scraps, mainly by the outer layer of spunbonded cloth. But the core difference between a real mask and a fake mask is whether there is a molten spray layer in the middle. And melting spray layer has static electricity, not equal to the outer layer of the mask also has static electricity. For example, we all know that banana meat is sweet, but that doesn’t mean that the skin is sweet. If it’s not, it’s a fake banana.

In fact, it is very simple to make the outer layer of the mask to absorb the paper scraps, friction can generate static electricity, but this does not tell whether there is a melting spray layer in the mask, and whether the melting spray layer process is qualified.

Rumor 2: wearing a mask means you can blow out candles and lighters.

Popular saying: wearing a mask can blow out seedlings, that masks are not qualified.

Here’s the truth:

There are many kinds of masks. Some masks with higher requirements of protective performance, such as N95 and N99, are often used in the middle filter layer with thicker melt spraying cloth, or even multi-layer melt spraying cloth, in order to ensure protection. Therefore, the resistance of masks is relatively large, and it is difficult to blow out seedlings when wearing them. But some masks, such as surgical masks, offer relatively little resistance and may be used to extinguish flames.

In addition, like respirators with breathing valves, it is easier to blow out seedlings. In addition, everyone’s cardiopulmonary function is not the same, which means wearing the same mask, some people can blow out the seedlings, but some people cannot blow out the seedlings, so it is not accurate to judge whether the mask is qualified. So can blow out the seedlings, depends on the individual cardiopulmonary function and the breathability of the mask, and the protection of the mask is not necessarily related, natural also do not apply to identify whether the mask is qualified.

Rumor 3: disposable mask gaskets can provide protection.

Spread saying: a lot of disposable mask cushion business all claim to use nonwoven cloth, with the structure of the mask has 3 layers, can have protective effect.

Here’s the truth:

Some unknown channels on the market out of the “mask pad” “mask manufacturer reform”, just used non-woven cloth, even if there are three layers of structure, dust, moisture absorption, but may not be used in the production of surgical masks need technology, also cannot guarantee the ability to filter bacteria. It is not recommended to buy mask pads produced by unknown manufacturers that have not passed the medical testing standards.

The filter element of the mask that has passed the medical test standard needs to be used with the mask mold/mask of the same brand. The disposable mask pad that has passed the medical test standard should pay attention to whether it is breathable, whether it fits with the face, and whether it can cover the mouth and nose after sticking into the mask.

Do not buy mask pad also can, alternate the use of hand mask, single use time is not too long, pay attention to hang up ventilation and timely replacement, can be used for a longer time.

Rumor 4: masks can be identified by whether they are waterproof or not.

Rumor has it that masks can be identified by whether they are waterproof or not.

Here’s the truth:

This method cannot be used to determine the authenticity of masks. General mask surface cloth is polypropylene spunbonded nonwovens, polypropylene itself is a kind of hydrophobic material, will be made into masks with spunbonded cloth, natural is also hydrophobic. The flow of water is difficult to penetrate unless a great deal of pressure is applied to the material.

Many fake masks on the market also use waterproof polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven materials, but for the middle layer of the mask to play a core role of protection with electrostatic melt spraying cloth, some fake masks with spunbonded cloth pretend, some use no static melt spraying cloth. Therefore, only through whether waterproof to identify is not reliable.

Have you learned how to identify any masks you buy from trusted sources?