Interesting “Social distancing.”

What is social distance?

Literally, people know the meaning of social distance. But what can and can’t be done in everyday human contact is unclear to many, and opinions from experts and governments vary widely, and seem to change from day to day.

Social distance includes minimizing contact with people, when in contact with people, try not to get too close, interpersonal distance as far as possible to keep more than 2 meters. Mann also recommends minimizing outside contact for more than 10 minutes while out and about.

Keeping a social distance is not self-isolating

Mulligan says maintaining a social distance is a civic duty for everyone to consider others. When it comes to social distance, there is too much talk to go to extremes.

People who request self-isolation must be in one of four conditions, including cold or flu symptoms, a confirmed person of a novel coronavirus, recently returned from overseas, has been in contact with confirmed cases. Older people and people at high risk of chronic disease may be more self-isolated.

Meanwhile, healthy people can still go out to work, take the bus and go shopping. “Normal life has to go on.” Mulligan said.

In response to the pneumonia epidemic, social distance has become a necessary condition for everyone to guard their health outside the home. Minister of health and welfare Chen shizhong once said: “the distance is as far as the love is deep”, but if quantified, it may be a little abstract. Japanese designer EisukeTachikawa and his design company Nosigner, in Pandaid, a website for COVID 19, tell you how deep and how far love should be.

To launch a series of interesting website to “two meters of safety distance” as the theme of the posters, poster above the couch couch rice, tuna, the British band the beatles past AbbyRoad famous picture about two meters long, with “let’s keep a tuna distance”, “let us keep a distance of a piece of couch couch rice” slogans such as, although not everyone knows how long is a tuna or a piece of couch couch rice, even no one pay attention to the beatles, when crossing the street team pull so far it is, but this is the purpose of these posters and encourage let everyone with all sorts of familiar with measuring tools, Remind yourself to keep your distance.

These social safety distance advocacy posters, as a display of the use, also hope that everyone in the epidemic prevention period, because love to keep a proper distance, isolation virus not isolated love, do not let fear and make you my heart further away.