The epidemic will pass, and our lives will return to normal

One of the most popular topics these days is “reboot 2020.” If it does happen, I hope that the situation between us and Iran will not be tense, Kobe will not leave, a new epidemic will not happen… Of course we all know it’s impossible, it’s just a good, good wish.

Today, though, let’s make assumptions and ask ourselves: what would you do if you flipped your calendar back three years to make yourself look better today?

In fact, the decisions and choices we made three years ago determine where we are today. Similarly, where we will be in three years’ time depends on the choices we make today.

People in the workplace, in addition to the epidemic, but also based on the present, focus on the future!

Many things are not as difficult as they seem

Here’s a true story: the 4-minute miracle

Before 1954, running a mile in under four minutes was considered impossible for humans. Both doctors and physiologists have concluded that running a mile in four minutes is the limit of human performance.

The players in the major competitions are also proving this point. They were cursed, some with their best times in 4:2, some even in 4:1, but no one ever broke the four-minute mark. Roger bannister came out and said, I don’t think it’s impossible to run four minutes, and I’ll prove it to you. His best time was just four minutes and 12 seconds, so no one took it seriously.

He kept on training, little by little, four minutes and ten seconds, four minutes and five seconds… And then it stuck for four minutes and two seconds. Some experts and athletes say, look, don’t trust science. But bannister didn’t care, and went into even crazier training.

Not until May 6, 1954, did he challenge the mile again, in 3 minutes and 59 seconds. Interestingly, after the “miracle” happened, the world’s athletes seemed to come together. Six weeks later, an Australian ran a time of 3:57.9. The next year, 37 runners broke the finish line in less than four minutes.

In 1956, more than 300 athletes around the world could easily break the four-minute prediction. But from 1954 to 1956, world track and field did not make much progress in training, running techniques, or equipment.

When we do not know or believe in some concept, the world seems to exist as if we do not know or believe in it. Once we perceive or believe in its existence, it moves on as we already know.

What does this true story tell us?

A lot of times seem to be far away from the goal, in fact, are just our self-imposed limits!

“You can achieve almost anything you have the courage to set, but sometimes the process of brightening your path can be painful.” Tom Hopkins.

“For a person to make relatively small changes, it takes a change in attitude and behavior. And if you want to get fundamental change, you need to change your thinking.” Stephen covey.

Think outside the box and shout out your goals! Just do it!

Once you have set your goal, keep moving

Shallow men believe in luck, strong men believe in cause and effect. Any achievement is not achieved by accident, it requires firm belief, careful planning, focusing on the most important, continuous efforts.

Stay focused. In the face of difficulties, maintain a high level of focus to ensure success.

We know a lot of truth, but still cannot live this life. Is reason useless? Because you’re useless!

Unity of knowledge and action, thought to do, is the right choice. In this process, there must be confusion, difficulties, fluctuations, waves, but as long as you do not forget the goal, insist on green mountains do not relax, maintain a high concentration, the goal will be achieved.

Don’t hesitate to choose, hesitation costs the most

‘I’m glad I made the right choice! One experienced person said, “if I had chosen the wrong direction, then now looking at the achievements of others, maybe I would just say to myself, no big deal!” Needless to say, at this time, who will not be reconciled.

Fortunately, she did not hesitate to shirk not to decide, more did not make a decision to suffer from gain and loss. “Pick a line, love a line, do it well,” she says. Never want to leave and fail, just want to do better! Keep up with the good people, build a big team, be a leader, and get a sense of accomplishment.”

The crown of glory is woven with thorns, and too much thinking is more wasteful than wrong action. Please choose to believe, believe in the power of believing!

Aim big enough to inspire you to go far

Leadership is not position, it’s action.

We have to set the goal far enough, will continue to work hard, continue to climb, to achieve a bigger goal. You know, in the workplace, do not advance or retreat! Set aside time, stay engaged, and stay ahead! You must know that you go forward, your opponent can not catch up!