The first time you place an order with ShopShipShake, be careful to avoid pitfalls

With the improvement of people’s living standard, their pursuit of material is also getting higher and higher. As they are not satisfied with the existing South African goods, more and more people will choose to purchase goods directly from China. At the same time, due to the asymmetry of information, some criminals see the opportunity, a large number of consumers always buy fake and inferior dissatisfied goods, which seriously damages their legitimate rights and interests.

Especially for those who have no cross-border shopping experience, it is easy to step into some pitfalls.

Although online shopping is always risky, it does bring great convenience to our life. Whether shopping in South Africa or cross-border shopping, as long as we keep our eyes open and compare products, online shopping can be guaranteed to some extent. So, as ordinary consumers, what pitfalls do we need to avoid when making our first factory purchases under shopshipshake?

Supply problem

The first one should be the problem of supply, which is also the most worrying problem for everyone. After all, everyone wants to buy the goods with good quality and low price. In all the way to purchase, supply the choice of the most problematic, because for shopshipshake don’t understand the way of service, for the first time, a lot of shopping friends only when picking goods value commodity prices, can buy to the poor quality of goods not carefully, for such orders shopshipshake platform is a long story, shopshipshake as generation mining platform, have been trying to help you filter on the supply of goods and factories.


Avoid pit if of no confidence in your ability to distinguish fake goods, had better choose in comments to buy goods, or ask WhatsApp group purchasing before, listen to their views.


Customs, it should be the one barrier that all overseas online shopping consumers can’t get around. Customs do not release goods, even detention, all kinds of bad things can be encountered. The worst thing to say is that goods are taxed or can be cleaned for a long time, except waiting is waiting.


Avoid pit is a round hole, however, cross-border is inevitable. However, shopshipShake has adopted formal customs clearance. In terms of the customs inspection rate, due to the standard operation, the South African customs has been on the low inspection list.

 Forwarding agency

Cross-border purchases cannot be shipped directly to South Africa. Although there are many direct mail websites to South Africa, most still do not support it, which requires a forwarding company. The goods are first sent to the transport company, and then sent back to South Africa by the transport company. The transport company is simply an intermediary. The transport is a long process. If you encounter unreliable transport company, the goods out of the accident, express is not to force, there is bitter not to say.


Choose well-known formal transport company. Although the transfer of freight is also not small expenses, but this aspect is mainly decided by the change of transportation costs, in the case of their weight is not enough to package the proposal that we can use the way to share the cost of transport.

 After-sales Service

The biggest drawback of cross-border procurement is after-sales service. Thousands of miles away, if there is a problem with the goods, it is too much trouble to return and replace. Especially for clothes and shoes, the size of Chinese people is different from that of South Africans. It is easy to buy the wrong size if you are not careful. If you want to exchange the goods, you will have to wait for a long time because the returning and changing procedure is too complicated. In addition, international postage can sometimes be prohibitively expensive if a heavy item is damaged and needs to be repaired.


Do your homework, go to department store in South Africa try clothes purchased goods, accomplish know fairly well. Be patient, increase your tolerance, buy whatever size you want, I’m the size I want, I’ll change hands if I can’t fit.