How to maintain customer loyalty and increase repurchase rate?

One old customer is better than ten new customers. Because “maintenance = deal”. Today, the ShopShipShake will teach you: how to convert traffic to store fans after attracting customers, how to maintain customers and improve their stickiness and repeat purchase rate?

First of all, we need to define the concept of fans, namely users, customers who have contact with the store, customers who further interact with the store, and loyal customers who are fans. Therefore, the fans we mention here are the loyal customers of the store, with high stickiness and attention.

Purpose of becoming fans:

Improve the conversion rate, in order to achieve flow realization. Awaken sleepy customers and increase their chances of making a second purchase. With the increase of traffic and customer precipitation, it is necessary to build brand effect and brand awareness. The number of daily visitors can potentially improve customer stickiness and store popularity, and high stickiness customers are the most ideal fans.

After the brick-and-mortar stores attract customers, how can they be converted into fans of the stores to improve customer stickiness and repeat purchase rate?

1. Fans diversion:

Existing and loyal customers in bricks-and-mortar stores are the best place to draw attention to social platforms or WhatsApp groups.

2. Functional fans conversion:

Storage value system: like offline customer storage value card, you can set the amount of money recharge how much free money. After recharge, customers will be more willing to actively consume the balance of consumption, indirectly improving the stickiness and attention.

Social media interaction: Customers are free to post and interact on their own social media, exchange experiences and share their experiences. Since social media interaction requires customers to interact with each other and pay attention to the dynamics of other customers in the store, fresh resources in the community can be used as a way to attract customers to increase their visits.

3. Wake up customers:

Complimentary benefits: complimentary points, stored value, coupons and vouchers. By offering benefits to attract customers, the attraction will generate consumption opportunities. And the opportunity to reposition the store.

Message push: Message push can actively send mass messages to customers. Merchants holding store activities, promotion activities, new product activities, offline activities, etc., can inform customers of activity information through message push, which is accurate and effective.

4. Customer system:

Customer points: Customer points can be used in two ways: 1. 2. Redeem gifts, vouchers or coupons in the points mall. Customers can get points while shopping, and the accumulative amount can be exchanged for benefits, which can increase the customer’s repurchase rate and purchasing power.

Customer growth system: Establish a complete customer growth system, and decide whether to enjoy the corresponding discount according to the growth value.

Customer distribution: Establish a distribution system for existing customers. Customers can get cash rebate while shopping, which can not only promote stores for merchants, but also improve the stickiness of distribution customers.

The essence of customer system is to establish a continuous interactive relationship between merchants and consumers. The key to customer marketing is to occupy the minds of customers through customer service, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, and thus increase sales and obtain