4 tips for playing WhatsApp group marketing

There are two types of Whatsapp group marketing:

  1. Relying on someone else’s Whatsapp groups for marketing.
  2. Creating your own Whatsapp groups for marketing.

1. How to use someone else ‘s Whatsapp groups for marketing?

The Whatsapp group is a public place. An active WhatsApp group is for people to communicate with each other, and to obtain useful resources. If everyone in the group sends advertisements, the group is not of much value.

Remember, the most powerful advertising is that others simply do not feel that you are advertising.

So, how should I market without advertising? You may ask.

Step 1: Make group participants your Whatsapp friends

If you target your customers with ads, you may need to spend tens to hundreds of rands. However, in a Whatsapp group, all the participants are your potential customers. You can save a lot of advertising costs if you are able to make all of them your customers. In the future, your customers in the Whatsapp can at least create hundreds of thousands of rands.

Therefore, it would a huge waste, If you don’t turn the group members into your potential customers.

This is also one of the traditional marketing tricks.

Step 2: Share useful information in the groups

The best advertisement is not to advertise. If you advertise explicitly in the groups, people will think you are hard selling products and avoid you.

If you purely share useful information and contribute knowledge to the group, then they will feel that you are an authentic person and would like to interact with you. As a result, you can maximize your gains in Whatsapp groups.

A good Whatsapp group operator will create a lot of Whatsapp groups themselves, and even pay to join many other Whatsapp groups. Some Whatsapp groups are not very active and do not have many chats going on there, but you can spare an hour every week to share a lesson worth a few thousand dollars that you have learned outside, without any advertising.

If what you share is very helpful, customers will take the initiative to reach out to you. Eventually, WhatsApp will bring you far more than the membership fee.

Step 3:  Interact with people in the groups

Regarding groups that have the most potential customers, you can mark them as important and spend more time there.

Usually, most people of a group remain silent, so you can be active to let people become familiar with you. Even people do not talk to you in person, they can also remember and trust you, because of your frequent presence.

During the process of interaction, if your performance is perceived as generous and interesting, other members of the group will gradually become your customers. As long as it is a win-win situation, people would love to propose cooperation.

Step 4: Write articles to compliment people

For example, you find one of the members to know, understand, and provide him/ her with useful information and resources you can provide.

At the same time, you can also write an interview article to promote this person, and at the bottom of the article, leave the person’s WhatsApp number for other people to reach out to him/her.

In this way, you contribute something to the group by promoting the members for free. The members you promote will naturally thank you, and you will also be very respected in the group.

In a nutshell, make yourself a needed person in Whatsapp groups.

The above are the four steps of marketing in other people’s Whatsapp groups. Please do follow the steps, it will be 100 times better than conventional advertising.

2. How to build your own Whatsapp groups for marketing?

At the start of your business, using someone else’s Whatsapp groups is the fastest way to get costumers. When you have a certain number of customers, the most durable marketing method is to create your own groups and maintain the customers there.

So, how do you create your own Whatsapp groups?

Step 1: Positioning

It’s not the best who does it, but who does it is the best. The key reason that a Whatsapp group can be popular is to have good positioning. The more accurate your positioning is, the easier you will succeed.

Step 2: Set rules for your groups

A good Whatsapp group must have its own rules. Without rules, your groups can quickly become a mess.

Therefore, you must set rules to reject those who are not qualified, and filter them out, meanwhile, keep people who have same values, so that you can run the groups for a longer time.

Step 3: Operation

Operation and management of a Whatsapp group are no less than those of a company. It’s better to have a mechanism for members to continue experiencing the value of the group, thus members are willing to continue to participate in the groups.

Step 4: Fission marketing

For the steady development of your Whatsapp groups, you have to rely on group members to fission group members. This aspect is different from the traditional fission of adding members in. There are many different modes and ways to accomplish the fission. If you are in the right mode, the speed of development is faster than you think.

Whatsapp groups can not only do member fission but also Whatsapp group fission. To make the fission possible, you need to create various WhatsApp groups for different dimensions such as product types, consumption levels and regions, then operate the groups based on their characteristics to achieve the goal of precision marketing and efficiently converting orders.