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Influencer Sandra: Keep Pushing for the Better

28-year-old Sandra, a former businesswoman, now is a full-time influencer of ShopShipShake. She believes that ShopShipShake provides a good opportunity for everyone who wants to start his own business and help them do so. Although she encounters some difficulties, she stays positive, continues to share what she learned and “keep pushing for the better”, not for anyone else, but herself.

Could you please tell us when you joined the influencer team of ShopShipShake, and why? 

I joined ShopShipShake in May 2020.

The reason why I joined is that this is a good job opportunity for me, and a good opportunity for people who want to run their business. Besides, I love sharing information, and enjoy being a leader, so I became an influencer.

Please tell us about your job, what are the main duties?

My main duties are recruiting new people, and explaining everything step by step to people who want to order on ShopShipShake.

What I do every day is posting links on Facebook and Whatsapp groups to attract people to purchase from ShopShipShake, and then help people who registered under my name make successful orders. Below are the things I help people with:

-how to use ShopShipShake website
-select products of better quality
-how to deposit
-how to pay for their orders
-how the shipping works and the shipping fee is separate from that of the goods.

How do you evaluate ShopShipShake? What impressed you the most?

The service is good and fast, I started buying from ShopShipShake myself, so I know it. The assistants are very helpful, whenever you have a problem, you can always get help from them.

And most importantly, the products on ShopShipShake are much, much cheaper, it’s amazing.

After joining the team, which aspect of your work do you think is better?

I’m really good at recruiting new people and helping them from step one to the very end, from ordering to shipping.

Now I have several WhatsApp groups and one Facebook page, reaching over 3000 people.

Has the work of ShopShipShake helped you gain some skills?

Yes, I’ve learned some good and bad. The bad is that I have to face insult on Facebook and people are calling me a scam, sometimes I feel like crying.

The good is I have more self-respect now and the bad side helps me improve my self-control and social skills so that I can keep pushing beyond to make more money.

During work, what is the biggest difficulty you encountered? How did you solve it?

I am facing insult from jealous rivals and mean people every single day, many of my accounts have been reported and blocked, thus I have to create new accounts to continue my job. I post the links of my Whatsapp groups on Facebook, Whatsapp is a safer place.

What I’ve learned from dealing with haters is that I need to ignore the bad influence and keep pushing myself to do the best.

As for solving difficulties, what insights would you like to share with us?

People have to be patient and wait for us because influencers need to teach many people, and it takes time. Besides, we all in a difficult situation and the shipping fee cannot go down for now, people are complaining about it, but there is really nothing we can do.

To be honest, work takes up 90% of my time, my life has changed a lot since I started doing this job. But I’m happy doing this work, even though it takes so much of my time–I am doing it for myself and keep pushing for the better.

One benefit of being an influencer is that I don’t need to sit in an office, I work from home and able to take care of my 9-year-old daughter.

Any thoughts on being selected as ShopShipShake influencer, please?

It makes me feel excited and happy, helping people makes me feel good, especially when I receive positive feedback from people and people are satisfied with my service.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to tell people who want to join the ShopShipShake influencer team?

If you want to be an influencer, you’d better know how ShopShipShake works very well before teaching new recruits, like shipping time and refund issues, so you can explain every step to people with confidence. You also need to tell the customers that it is an excellent opportunity, the products on ShopShipShake are very cheap and unique if you know how to help people select.

Please talk about your expectations for the future.

I am looking for long-term employment of ShopShipShake, having more recruits every month, and letting people register and buy.

What thing about ShopShipShake you think has to be improved?

ShopShipShake has to filter the suppliers for customers, if your clients receive products of poor quality, they will not trust suppliers on ShopShipShake any more.

It is an honour for ShopShipShake to have devoted influences like Sandra, If you have questions, you can also turn to ambassadors as well as our most reliable assistants for help. For every South African with a desire to start their business, ShopShipShake can help you make one step forward. On ShopShipShake, the products are at low prices so you can start with a small amount of money. What’s more, ShopShipShake is an online platform, you order online, and have your parcels at your door. Yes, we provide door-to-door deliver, you don’t need to collect your goods.