People Are the Key Asset of Us

Thandiwe, 34-year-old, is doing multiple jobs at the same time: a nurse, a primary school teacher as well as an influencer of ShopShipShake. With an interest in buying and selling, she has been in many related industries and strongly believes that “people are the key asset” in the business world. Now She has landed in ShopShipShake to continue her passion with all the experience learned from before.

Could you please tell us when you joined the influencer team of ShopShipShake, and why?

I was buying from ShopShipShake first, then l followed your website, studied everything, and became an influencer. I bought goods made in China from other people before, with ShopShipShake, I can buy directly from China, and the shipment is much cheaper than other companies like Alibaba, so there is lots of room to make profits.
Besides, I loved to be part of the group, because I loved marketing, and working with people was always my passion and desire. Promotion business is a great experience that l have been doing with other companies like Avon Tupperware. So I saw ShopShipShake as an opportunity to learn, grow, and help others to start their business too.

Please tell us about your job, What are the main duties?

I am a part-time influencer. What I do is promoting ShopShipShake, and advertising products on the website by sending links on different social media platforms to help people register. I am also going out to meet people in church groups, families and communities. In the future, after the lockdown, I am considering distributing flyers and catalogs in neighborhoods in person. If it is possible, I also plan to have an office where people can register accounts and have guide on how to start their business.
After the registration is done, I need to teach and guide new recruits on how to use ShopShipShake website. At the moment, I do more teaching than recruiting.

How do you evaluate ShopShipShake? What impressed you the most?

One thing I love about ShopShipShake is the shipment.
The price of the shipment is very low, what I don’t understand is that people still complain about it. They think the shipping fee of ShopShipShake is expansive because they are too lazy to do any research, compared with other companies, the shipping fee is actually low. So we are able to generate profits out of it. Plus, ShopShipShake is the only website that transport goods from China to South Africa with drop shipping.
What impressed me the most is ShopShipShake uses rand payment and delivers products to customers via door-to-door service which is a one-step service. If we choose other delivery companies, we have to collect the goods ourselves.

After joining the team, which aspect of your work do you think is better?

I am good at recruiting new people and helping them.
As you can see, I have worked in many industries and have met different types of people, hence my good ability to deal with problems. People are the key asset when you do business. For example, as ShopShipShake develops, we need people. People are keys assets for any organization. People matter most to you and your business, they generate profits for you, this is why I make efforts on helping new recruits finish the verification and make sure they can place orders later on.

Has the work of ShopShipShake helped you gain some skills?

ShopShipShake helps me again lots of skills, such as proven ability to multitask, ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines, how to be a good team player, and skills to communicate with various kinds of people.

During work, what is the biggest difficulty you encountered? How did you solve it?

Lots of customers have problems finishing their account verification, they need guide on this. There are also people complaining about and insulting ShopShipShake if the goods are not satisfying.
To solve the problems, I asked for help from my team leader Shirley, Chimmy and Sharifa. In addition, I made videos and documents with images to help people to solve their problems. Also, I try to prove that ShopShipShake is a legit company by providing the evidence, for instance, sending them videos of goods I received to let them know the quality is good, and ShopShipShake ensures all of the customers receiving their products.
If the customers are angry, there is no need to make them more furious, all I need to do is to calm down, explain patiently and offer them support.

As for solving difficulties, what insights would you like to share with us? And how do you balance life and work?

We have to listen to our customers and believe them, give them what they want and provide good service to them, so that they stay and buy with ShopShipShake.
I work from 7am up to 5pm, so that l can create time with my family. During working hours, l do my work, l don’t mix work and life. My husband goes to night shifts, so I have him looking after the kids and make sure they don’t interrupt my work.

Any thoughts on being selected as ShopShipShake influencer, please?

This is a good opportunity, and all the assistants are very helpful.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to tell people who want to join the ShopShipShake influencer team?

Yes, l have tips. You look at people who are hardworking and has potential effects to do it when recruiting.
Potential candidates are those who can bring new people to ShopShipShake, actively comment in the group and are willing to help others.

Please tell us your motto of life.

My motto is we may encounter many problems but we must not be defeated. Quiters never win, keep on trying.

What thing about ShopShipShake you think has to be improved?

What ShopShipShake must improve:
Filter good suppliers for the customers;
Add shipping costs price on the items to charge once;
Add kg for people to see when estimating goods.

Like Thandiwe said, people are the most important assets for ShopShipShake too. Every registered customer has an exclusive assistant to help them solve all kinds of problems, this is how we value the people of us.