Lip Product Evaluation Compilation(2)

Do you still remember our Lipstick Evaluator Appeal? At the end of this activity, we recruited many beautiful evaluators from South Africa and asked them to try out lip products from L’ adore(烙色), a Chinese brand that produces lovely dupes of high-end brands such as Dior, YSL, and Armani. The selected lipsticks are all hit products on Chinese websites, recommended by a Chinese blogger followed by tens of millions of people.

For this activity, L’ adore provided 5 collections of products.

1. L’adore Colors Galaxy Lip Pencils: This collection includes 2 high-shine shades, golden and silver, that can make you stand out right away. The products of this collection have a creamy and smooth texture, and the colour is highly-pigmented.

2. Watery and Moisturizing Lipstick: as its name suggests, the collection has a very watery texture that is almost like that of lip balms. They can moisturize your lips immediately, but accordingly, they fade over time. If you prefer long-lasting ones, then they are not your go-to choices.

3. L’adore Colors Haute Velvet Lipstick: Luxury packaging, great colours, as well as the velvet finish make this collection the favorite of many evaluators. Plus, these products only use healthy material. Trust me, this is the collection you don’t want to miss out.

4. L’adore Colors Lip Gloss: Smooth and lightweight gloss with an amazing glassy finish that can add a youthful touch on your overall look.

5. L’adore Colors Aqua Music Lipstick: This collection has many hot-selling and classic shades from various high-end brands, if you don’t want to go wrong with the colour, you should go get this collection.For more information about the products, please check:

Without further ado, let’s jump to the reviews of the evaluators and have a look at how they wear the products.

@Sibongile Taylor Mavundle Gwatyuza: Hey guys 👋 I am happy to announce that I have been chosen to be one of the lipstick evaluators from @shopshipshake💃💃🎉

These lipsticks are dupes of high-end lipsticks, they are great quality and the packaging is awesome.The smell of these lipsticks is just amazing and most of all they’re very affordable and can be bought by anyone.✔️

They are very smooth and soft when applied to the lips.Normally dupes of lipsticks smudge a lot when talking, but it’s a different case on these ones.As I mentioned they’re great quality and they’re long-lasting lipsticks, you won’t have to keep reapplying through out the day.


@Lebo Visagie: Pros – packaging is awesome. Good qualityLipstick is smoothNice fragrance to itBeautifully mattecan be wiped very easily if you wipe, not pat with a tissue.Stays on for a good few hoursCons – fades over time. After those good few hours you will be left with natural looking lipstick

@Cthandwa Mchunu: Beauty in every way


#greatestlips #longstay


@Wangu Reloaded: So i got the opportunity to choose a lip color from 5 serieses of the Lac lipstick range these where just random selections but turns out I picked colors I have fallen in love with, the feel on my lips is just perfect👌👌they are moist, easy to apply and lasts for the greatest part of the day, the colors a bright enough and give out that glow on the lips.i love the fact that they don’t smudge at all… Thanks to SSS# for giving me the opportunity to be an evaluator💄💄💄