Two Week FAQ Vol.42 Feb 09 – Feb 22

After the long vacation of the Spring Festival, everyone works hard on the new year’s business. Are you ready to continue working with ShopShipShake to further boost your business? Check questions and answers for the last two weeks!

Two Week FAQ Vol.42 Feb 09 – Feb 22

Q1. Any new competition for this month?

Super Seller 2020 | 1st SSS Awards

The Art of a seller is not simple. It’s quite complex and the combination of different attributes are what truly make a seller in the modern sense of the word an outstanding professional and the key to many organizations’ success and growth. The Awards aim to recognize outstanding sellers among SSS users.

#SSSAWARDS Ten individuals/social enterprises will get the award.

-They will get the chance to advertise stores on ShopShipShake FB Page (1 post)

-Get a quick link through ShopShipShake website top banner (1 week)

-Get an introduction blog published on SSS official website


*Previous Competition:

#SSS2021 Free Mystery Box: (valid from Jan 27 to Feb 4)

#SSSTORY share to win: (valid from Jan 18 to Jan 25)

#SSSReview Post to win: (valid from Jan 11 to Jan 18)

Q2. Help me to place an order

Please register on

You can get help from your assistant after registration by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the screen. Your assistant will guide you step by step.

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Q3. How much is the shipping for items in my cart?

The cost for delivery depends on volume, weight and region.

Please register on ShopShipShake and calculate it on the website when you finish the order.

Here is the calculation link:

For more accurate estimation, please contact your assistant by clicking the Whatsapp icon on our website.

Please understand the estimated shipping fee is just an estimation, many factors may influence it, so we cannot assure you it is 100% accurate. Thank you.

Q4. Where can I get some tips and experience sharing from other SSS users?

Option1: You can click on FB hashtage #SSSREVIEWS #SSSREVIEW to see what others said about their parcels purchased on SSS.

Option 2: Click on check people’s experience sharing.

Q5. How is your product quality?

Hi, SSS does not produce any products. We provide the online platform and cooperate with local professional logistics to deliver your goods. If you care about the product quality, you had better learn from sellers or get help from your assistant.OR you can choose our Quality Inspection service when you place an order.

Q6. Do you only sell in bulk? Can I buy 1?

We only do wholesale and don’t recommend our customers just buy a few items, for the shipping fee will be too much.

Q7. How do I pay?

Dear, you can choose pay by credit card (we support visa, master and American express) or bank transfer. Please mind the bank account change, if you need to help, please contact your assistant, Thank you.

Q8. Where is your shop?

We don’t have shops offline. Shopshipshake is a website helping people purchase goods from factories in China where most factories do not Ship internationally. That is why we use *Shopshipshake*. The factories shopshipshake buys from are all listed on which is part of the Alibaba Group but because it is in Chinese, you can use SSS to translate and purchase. SSS have warehouses in China and South Africa.

Here is our website:

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