Two Week FAQ Vol.44 Mar 28 – Apr 11

We are back! Here are our most frequently asked questions from March 28th – April 11th! If you are new to Shopshipshake and have many questions in terms of how we work, please check this out! We hope this can help!

Two Week FAQ Vol.44 Mar 28 – Apr 11

Q1: Any fun contest for this month?

Every month, we prepare fun contests on Facebook for our followers and customers! You are all invited! Check out our official Facebook page at

The following are the contests that we launched this April:

To motivate all of you, we launched #SSStart It Up #GIVEAWAY for you!

#SSStartItUp Giveaway (valid from April 6 to March 14)

To win an R1,000 coupon every month, please check out our #SSSReviews giveaway!

First April #SSSReviews Post to win (winners announced on April 9)

Second April #SSSReviews Post to win (winners announced on April 23)

*Gusess what’s coming next on April 19th? Please stay tuned!

Q2: How can I order from SSS?

If you are interested in purchasing, please register on our website first

Once you successfully registered, you can get help from your assistant by clicking the WhatsApp icon on the screen. Your assistant will guide you step by step and help you get your ideal products.

Keep in mind that we have a massive amount of customers ordering through our website every day, if you didn’t register on our website then the assistants can’t have access to you. Please follow our registration process. Thank you for your understanding.

Q3:  Can I add you on WhatsApp?

Please register on our website first, so that you can add your assistant on WhatsApp. He/she will help you order the goods that you wanna purchase. Feel free to discuss more detail with your assistant after registration, such as quantities, quality, and shipment. Follow our registration process and register on our website

Q4: Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to South Africa. Please stay tuned with us on social media. We will let you know as soon as we expand our business in other countries and areas.

Q5:  Where are you located?

Shopshipshake is a website helping people purchase goods from factories in China where most factories do not Ship internationally. That is why we use *Shopshipshake*. The factories that Shopshipshake buys from are all listed on which is part of the Alibaba Group. You can use our service to translate and purchase.

Q6: Where are your shops?

We are an online wholesale website and we don’t have shops offline. However, we provide door-to-door delivery all across South Africa. If you wanna find products and purchase for your business, please register on

Q7: Is this price legit?

The prices on our Facebook posts are the legit price range. Please click on the link and go to the product pages to see the product prices for your order quantities. However, the shipping fee is not included. Please register first and then contact your assistant, they will calculate the total price and estimate the shipping fee for you.

Q8: Why my parcels haven’t been delivered?

We are very sorry for the inconvenience that we caused. We are trying our best to get your parcel delivered. Our logistics supplier is experiencing a higher than usual demand of delivery this month and your order has unfortunately impacted a delay. We can only ask for your understanding, and we are doing everything we can to get your much-needed parcel to you as soon as possible. Please be patient with us.

Q9: Why your shipping fee is so expensive?

Our logistic supplier is currently the cheapest in the market. If you have better suggestions in terms of logistics companies, please recommend them to us via e-mail 👉 We will consider it seriously.

Besides, usually, the more you buy, the cheaper per kg is. That’s why we don’t recommend customers just buy few pieces because the average shipping cost of each item would be too much. What’s more, sea shipping is always a good option for reducing costs in shipments.

Q10: How do I pay?

There are two ways for payment, one is by credit card, the other one is EFT. You can choose the one you prefer.
Once our account receives your money our system will update your account automatically.
Usually, it takes 0-2 days for bank processing. Please contact your assistant if more than 3 days.
We suggest you recharge via EFT. If in cash, please keep the “ATM Receipt” as proof.