Bi-monthly FAQ Vol.48 June15–June30

Today is the last day of June, we are pleased to say that the number of newcomers shows an increasing trend. Hence, we list some reasons why people join us is a sensible choice. At the same time, we will answer a lot of questions that are frequent to be mentioned by our members during the past 15 days. In addition, we updated our customer services about a money-back guarantee.

  • What advantages does Shopshipshke have ?

– Shopshipshake can supply a stable chain. Including product supply, shipping and storage.

– Shopshipshake has partnership with the Buffalo logistic company which can provide fast deliveries with a reasonable price.

– Shopshipshake is the only company which has a partnership with in Africa.

Q&A section

Q: What is assistants’availablility?

A: Our assistants are available during the weekday. On weekends, assistants reply maybe slower than its on weekday, but we try to reply as soon as possible.

Q: How customers could register successful?

A: We supply two options for our customers to register. Our customers could search our website or google Shopshipshake directly. (Tips: Our customers could refer these examples ‘a123456′,’123456aA’ to set their code of SSS acount.)

Q: How many payment method do we supply?

A: We supply two payment options

The first approach is by Bank Deposit

The other being Credit Card.

Feel free to choose anyone you like. ( Tips: Please make your Ref. (Reference) number correct or keep the ‘ATM receipt’ as proof.)

Q: Where is our location?

A: We don’t have any offline store, Shopshipshake is an online platform to provide suppliers for people who are wholesalers inSouth Africa.

About service updated: