Why choose Chinese factories?

How to find manufacturers in China?

For many companies, finding manufacturers in China that fit their brand, offer a reasonable price and high-quality products can be difficult. It’s a good idea before you start looking for manufacturers that you know the product you want making, the materials, the price you want to sell it at and how many you want making. If you know all of these things, you can actively search for manufactures that will suit your company.

There are several ways to find Chinese manufacturers including:

Online stores:

Alibaba is an international business-to-business platform where businesses can find and connect with manufacturers. It is easily the most popular website for finding Chinese manufacturers, but it does have a reputation for having a large number of suppliers over quality ones.

Global Sources:

Global Sources is Alibaba’s biggest competitor, but it doesn’t have trade insurance. It does have a rating system and reviews, so you should read through them thoroughly to make sure you find a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer.

Trade Shows

One of the best ways to find Chinese manufacturers is by attending the most popular trade show in China the Canton Import and Export Fair. It’s held in Guangzhou twice a year and is split into 3 phases, the first phase is electronics, the second covers home decor, consumer goods and gifts and the third phase includes garments, shoes, textiles and office supplies. However, if you’re unable to attend a trade show in China, there are trade shows in the United States that Chinese manufacturers attend. Trade shows are an incredible way to meet prospective manufacturers face to face, get information from them directly and compare suppliers in person.

Trade magazines

There are several different trade magazines or journals that will have a list of potential Chinese suppliers or manufacturers that you can use.

Sourcing companies
A sourcing company is a third party that helps a company find manufacturers or suppliers for products. You can use these companies to find the best supplier for you. A good sourcing company should have a system in place to find a manufacturer that is low cost and creates high-quality products.

Here are just some examples of the products you can find being manufactured in China:

Clothing and fashion accessories
Tech accessories and gadgets
Makeup and cosmetics
Phones and computers
Children’s toys
Pet supplies
Outdoor and travel products
Advantages and disadvantages of China manufacturing
Before you begin sourcing products from China, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to be aware of. Having the right supplier is crucial for your success as a business, so you need to make the right decision for your company.

Here are some reasons why you should manufacture your products in China:

Lower production costs – The biggest advantage of manufacturing your products in China is that you can lessen the product cost, without reducing the volume of products you create. This means that your profit margin can rise and you have more money to spend on other parts of your business.

Market expansion – A big benefit of manufacturing in China is that you can easily expand into new overseas markets. If your products are being created in China, chances are people there are going to be interested in your products.

High output in less time – China manufacturers have the ability to produce large orders of products in a very short time. This is because China is able to afford cheap labour, and have such big factories they’re constantly mass-producing manufacturing products.