Bi-monthly FAQ Vol.50 July 22 – August 15

Today is the fifties FAQ, we had realized that we have necessary to reintroduce some new features about our platform.

1. Q: How SSS work?

A: We authorize the Pro-Ambassador(PA) to guide you to place the orders on SSS and combine your shipping orders to reduce the shipping fee cost. The parcel will arrive at the PA’s address first. Then PA will dispatch your orders with local couriers paid separately or self-pickup.

2. Q: What is the difference between customers and clients ?

A: A client is a business that pays for personalized or highly professional services like legal advice, graphic design, real estate consultation. For example, it’s commonly considered that attorneys and accountants have clients, not customers.

It’s a long-standing relationship. People be our clients for years paying us regularly or only from time to time when they need our help.

The key part here is all about being highly specialized and personalized. Clients receive services tailored specifically for their needs. The relationship feels more like a partnership, which can increase the satisfaction and dedication of both you and our business.

3. Q: What advantages that ShopShipShake have?

A: We have professional products inspectors and the top one hundred suppliers are optional thus rest assured to purchase products.   

4. Q: Why I can’t log in via Facebook recently?

 A: Recently, it is unavailable to log in to Shopshipshake via Facebook. Please use your Email or Phone No to log in. We will inform you once Facebook is way back to normal. Deeply sorry for the inconvenience.Thanks for your kind understanding.

5. Q: Why 3S encourage people be their own boos?

 A: Anyone can be an entrepreneur if you are passionate about your business idea and are dedicated to making it grow! There are certain personality traits that entrepreneurs possess which are:

  1. Risk-taker
  2. Tenacity
  3. Confidence
  4. Resilience
  5. Curiosity
  6. Open-mindedness

6. Q: How can I choose a Chinese supplier?

A: Opt for a Business-to-business market
There are various b2b places for the newcomers to make a business with the wholesalers such as is the biggest importer and wholesale distributor. Some other best B2B marketplaces are Global sources, buyer zone, ShopShipShake, and many others.

Subscribe to trade publications
You can also get magazines or newsletters that issue exclusively for retail businesses because every advertiser will belong to the same industry and also want to reach you. By doing this, you will have various options from the advertisements to choose the best wholesale supplier for you.

Make mistakes
If you are a newcomer to the industry and afraid of making mistakes; you will never learn. Because mistakes are a part of the success and your first supplier will not be your supplier for life. Creating the ideal supply chain will also have some trial-and-errors in it.

7.Q: Why shipping costs are so expensive?


  1. Complex Courier Agreements
  1. Fuel Surcharges
  1. Minimum Package Charges
  1. Value Added Courier Services
  1. Overhead Costs
  1. Variable Parcel Factors

8. Q: What are benefits of selling online ?


1. Fast Go-to-Market Time

2. Low Cost

3. Shoppers Start Online

4. Customer Data Insights

5. Meet Customers Where They Want to Buy

9. Q: Why choose to purchase from China


1. The goods price is very cheap

2.Unique and rare goods sold in another country

3. Many best quality goods are available

4. The high-profit margin