The best Bag and Purse trends in Summer

Consumers are growing gradually, the need that we had with the bags now have been evolved especially due to the covid-19 impact. The 2021 bag trend analysis brings the multiple reasons consumer buy bag, one of the biggest reason is to carry their daily essentials depending on the emotional and lifestyle factors. In 2020 and 2021 the consumer will demand the freedom of carrying. 

The current shift in lifestyle demands the functional and easy to carry styles. Today’s lifestyle shift based on our megatrend “the perfectionism” consumer are more looking to explore the world and experience the luxury quality of the product. 

Our company has found that women before buying any bags are doing an extensive amount of research prior to purchasing a bag, from blog reviews, comments, rating and review websites, retail stores, and social media. It is a rational process, as handbags, of course, serve a functional purpose, but they also serve an emotional one. A woman considers the purchase to be an investment in her style and personality, regardless of price point, and she does not want to make a wrong choice.

Rise of backpack demand.

Backpacks are the essential item for men and women performing a very active life. With the rise of health cautious lifestyle, the demand for backpacks has risen sharply as it brings the freedom to commuters to carry things with ease from Gym to work. Backpack brings the functionality and technical version. A wearer can carry a water bottle, gym accessories, and office papers in leather, or a mix of fabrication.

Waist tie bag

The waist tie bag brings the functionality and expedites to carry small important things such as the small diary, pen, cards and many other essential daily must-have things. 

The Idea over here is the freedom of making hands free is the biggest reason for the successful adoption of these bag styles.

Crossbody bag

Freeing from carrying bags on hand is what most of the consumers are looking for due to very busy lifestyle, this is the reason crossbody bags with the long metal chain or leather strips are gaining the traction. Freedom is the most imperative key attribute that is why we could expect demand for crossbody bags to rise further. Crossbody small to medium bags are seen mostly popular as spotted on the streets and on the runway.


Large bags are out- rise of medium bags

Large bags are almost gone, now medium and small bags are overtaking them. The crossbody and medium-sized bags are now about to add to the wardrobe. 

Mobile purse

Mobile purses are gaining strength as we have spotted it in yet another season of S/S 2021 at Milan and Paris fashion week as seen in Victoria Tomas and Max Mara’s collection.