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Our main services

Shopshipshake can supply a stable chain. Including product supply, shipping, and storage. Our role is a virtual bridge between the Chinese suppliers and our clients.

3S is a leading South Africa drop shipping online platform from China. It offers full catalogs, including clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories, beauty, 3C products, household necessaries, and so on that total more than 1,000,000+ suppliers. Also, new and trendy arrivals are added every day.

Our specialists could help our clients purchase some specific products from China. For instance, batteries, tires, or some industrial products.

On our platform, some suppliers also could provide products that are rare resources for locals.

Who are our clients?

They are our main service objects.

Clients are people who have existing businesses and they want to expand their choices of suppliers, or people who want to start their business.

It’s a long-standing relationship. The relationship feels more like a partnership, which can increase the satisfaction and dedication of both you and our business.

We also welcom you to be our customers:

Customers are people who only buy products for their personal use.

They don’t have to worry about the differentiation of clients, we also have prepared a buying procedure that is definitely suitable for your shopping hobbies.

Our Advantages

– Shopshipshake can supply a stable chain including product supply, shipping, and storage.

– Shopshipshake now support that the orders are paid with South Africa rand.

– Shopshipshake has a partnership with the logistic company which can provide fast deliveries at a reasonable price.

– Shopshipshake is a company that has a partnership with and we have cooperation with Shopify in Africa.

– Shopshipshake has hundreds of people working on the project, including a dedicated IT Technology group.

– We have professional products inspectors and top one hundred suppliers are optional thus rest assured to purchase products. ( Clients could acquire these services if they subscribe in advance.)  

About our inspection

Independently conducted by professional third-party service providers. Our partners visit the manufacturing facilities and randomly check products against order specifications.

With the Inspection Service, what aspects of the product(s) are checked?
Product quantity
Conformity (style, color, label, packing, and shipping mark)
Workmanship (appearance and basic functions)
Functionality (on-site check testing general functions and applications based on your product category)
Contract product quality (on-site check/ testing

About our platform cooperate with Shopify

Real-Time Transactions from our platform Go Straight to Shopify.

By using Shopify. With our platform Sales Channel, you will be able to get real-time transactions from Our platform that will filter into your Shopify dashboard. This is critical if you are trying to increase sales or understand Our platform sales trends.

Fulfill Our platform Orders via Shopify Orders can be fulfilled in terms of ensuring they get to your customers via the Shopify dashboard. You won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting orders that have been paid for, because your dashboard will keep track of the ones that need to be fulfilled. 

You can easily track your business’s inventory on Amazon through Shopify. This is an important tool to manage, especially if you notice a spike in sales. Inventory tracking directly relates to your ability to increase sales and keep them steady. As a result, tracking your store inventory will provide you with new data to use to your advantage.

The procedure of our services:

Register our account first, we have two register options, you could search our website or google directly.

Step 2
Search items and add them to your cart.

Recharge your SSS account.

Step 4
Use your SSS account money to pay for your orders. After your orders are collected by our warehouse (3-5 days), you can choose shipping options (ocean or air freight) and pay the shipping cost

Step 5
After you have paid for your shipping cost, they will ship your parcel, what you need to do is waiting to receive your orders at home. (Door to door delivery)

Tips for purchsing on our platform

About our searching engine

With Image Searching, clients can take a photo or use an existing photo from their camera roll of an item they want to purchase and enter it into the search bar.

Keywords searching, the feature that customers can use words or short phrases to represent the main ideas about the products that they want to purchase.

Features of 6 Channels

The 6 Channels on our website are to guide our customers for products classification. Including Source factor, New arrival, Weight estimation activity, Hot sales, Preparation for seasons, and Shipping method.

We update these 6 Channels daily basis.


We update our reviews daily basis via Facebook posts as well as hashtag #sssreviews. These are helpful for our clients when they need to supplement their products as preparation for new seasonal needs.

What our assistants could supply

To consult with the third-parties

  • Help customers find supply chain companies, select reliable and stable suppliers.
  • Estimate freight and parcel weight, provide a reference for choosing a suitable shipping method.
  • To solve the products issues

  • Help customers find ideal products
  • Help customers compare prices between products, find items both affordable and of good quality.
  • To make sure every orders’ details

  • Help customers solve any problems in the ordering process.
  • Full-service tracking, deal with after-sales.

  • Our servicers are building a main connection with your businesses.

    Top100 Suppliers
    Upgraded Quality Inspection Services