Top100 Suppliers Plan

With the aim to ensure the quality of products, improve customer satisfaction, we are excited to announce the launch of Top100 Suppliers Plan, as a response to the complaints and requests from our customers.

The top100 suppliers have undergone multiple rigorous examination and are willing to work with ShopShipShake to supply trustworthy, high-quality products. They promise to provide the following services:

Quality Guarantee

The style, color, material and size of the products from the top100 suppliers must match the display images.
The quantities of products must match the customers’ orders.

If customers find quality problems after receiving the goods, ShopShipShake will immediately verify the situation with the customer. If it is confirmed as top100 suppliers’ problem with solid evidence given, ShopShipShake will refund the customer via the ShopShipShake accounts, if the custoer can provide solid evidence.

Competitive Price

On the premise that the quality is guaranteed, the top100 suppliers promise to offer customer prices that are lower than any other platforms, to help customers save costs.

Fast delivery

The top 100 suppliers ensure to deliver the orders to ShopShipShake’s warehouse in China within 48 hours after the customer places the order.

To avoid letting the customers wait for extra time, the top100 suppliers will prepare adequate sources of goods and shorten the restock time.

Efficient service

The top100 suppliers need to conduct quality inspections on their own products, and make it clear that the quantities and the style of products are consistent with the orders.

The top100 suppliers have to make compensation for goods that need to be returned or exchanged if the quantities or the style of products are not consistent with the orders.

We hope that by collaborating with reliable suppliers, we can give our customers a more pleasant experience, so that customers can magnify the business opportunities and gain more profit.

The refund process:

Customers provide solid evidence to prove the products have quality problems —> Confirmed by ShopShipShake —> ShopShipShake deposits the money to the clients’ ShopShipShake accounts within 3 working days.

Hope you enjoy the journey on ShopShipShake.

*Solid evidence needed, if customers intend to return or exchange products.