Lipstick Evaluator Recruitment Appeal

To provide our customers with better business opportunities, ShopShipShake decided to recruit evaluators to test out lipsticks!

If you have a passion for fashion trends, good knowledge of lipsticks, rich experience of cosmetic retailing, and a fine understanding of the South African market, you are much welcome to be our evaluators.

The selected lipsticks of this activity are all hit products on Chinese websites, recommend by a Chinese blogger of tens of millions of followers and they can be perfect dupes of luxury brand products.

Every evaluator will receive a least 5 products worth no less than R200.

Come and customize your lipsticks on ShopShipShake.

Recruitment process:

Number of evaluators: 20

Submit your application form at the bottom of the recruitment page by 24:00 on July 9th. 
On July 10th, the list of successful candidates will be released on our Facebook page: Our staff will contact the successful candidates via Whatsapp within 1~2days from the release day.
On July 18th, we will share the information of lipsticks live on Whatsapp. 
All evaluators will receive the lipsticks within 3 days from the live.
All evaluators must submit their review reports by 24:00 on July 28th.

Lipstick details

Recommend by a Chinese blogger followed by tens of millions of people in China

Cumulative sales in China exceeded 2 million

L’adore Colors Galaxy Lip Pencils

Watery and moisturizing lipstick

L’adore Colors Haute Velvet Lipstick

L’adore Colors Lip gloss

L’adore Colors Aqua Music Lipstick

Selecting standards:
  • This recruitment aims to select evaluators who have a good knowledge of lipsticks, can comprehensively and accurately reflect the advantages and disadvantages of products, and provide fair and objective purchase opinions;
  • Professional knowledge of lipstick (based on resumes of applicants);
  • Having sales channels;
  • Capability to select and purchase products;
  • Local influence;
  • Ability to try out new products in a professional way;
  • Other Strengths of applicants.
Requirements for review report:
  1. Report structure: the content of the report should correspond to the application reasons; the article structure has to be clear, with the main titles and subtitles;
  2. In-depth experience: maintain an objective attitude when trying out the products, fully experience the details of the product, and capture the core features and highlight them in the report;
  3. Writing skills: make sure the description is concise and understandable, it is a plus if you can also make it entertaining;
  4. Photography skills: the pictures have to be clear and framed properly. Present details of the product with beautiful pictures in the report;
  5. Using experience: share your experience of using the product in the report;
  6. Review and summary: objectively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the product, and give suggestions on how the product should be improved ;
  7. Creative forms (optional): creative forms of presentation (such as video and drawing) are a plus;
  8. Video review(optional): Indicate the product is from ShopShipShake at the beginning or end of the video. The display format is not limited.
Recruitment Statement:
  1. Successful applicants will enter a WhatsApp group within 24 hours after the announcement of the final list, otherwise will be removed from the list.
  2. Applicants must submit review reports before the deadline. Overdue applicants cannot apply for other products before submitting the last report;
  3. Unexplained users who have been overdue for more than 1 month will be permanently disqualified from other evaluation activity of ShopShipShake;
  4. The report must be objective, comprehensive and truthful, for the quality of the report will affect subsequent test applications;
  5. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in the report (including long quotations without referencing the sources), applicants who plagiarise will be disqualified from all test activity of ShopShipShake;
  6. This activity is limited to users in South Africa. No delivery fee is required;
  7. Products for testing will not be resold in any form;
  8. ShopShipShake remains the right to publish the review reports for commercial use on different platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter;
  9. Please read the product instructions carefully before test. Any injury or property damage during the test is no responsibility of this activity.