ShopShipShake Group-Buy is Officially Launched

We are very proud to announce that SSS Group-Buy is Officially Launched!

Since the Globe pandemic happened in 2020. International Shipping has risen gradually. For our clients, the rising of the cost brings less profit. Under this circumstance, we have been systematically testing, researching, and developing our unique SSS Group-Buy Program for small-volume-purchase clients to reduce the shipping cost.

What is SSS Group-Buy?

We authorize the Pro-Ambassador(PA) to guide you to place the orders on SSS and combine your shipping orders to reduce the shipping fee cost. The parcel will arrive at the PA’s address first. Then PA will dispatch your orders with local couriers paid separately or self-pickup.

The Benefit of the SSS Group-Buy

  • Official and Safe
  • Less Shipping Cost
  • Native SSS Pro-Ambassador Guide and Care
  • Efficient Order System


What’s the difference between the traditional Group-Buy and SSS Group-Buy?


1. SSS system support makes the process more efficient and friendly. You don’t need to send the picture and other details to confirm with the leader back and forth. Or some members don’t pay the shipping fee in time. Then the group has to delay the time. SSS Group-Buy is easier to reach the lowest limits and Pro-Ambassador can ship it without further waiting.

2.Fair.They share shipping fees with the same amount. But in fact, some parcels are much bigger and heavier than others which they probably need to pay more among other members.

Read the following before you join it

The Difference Between self-purchasing and via Pro-Ambassador.

About Pro-Ambassador

All the Pro-Ambassadors are familiar with ShopShipShake. They have been trained to use the Group-Buy System and interviewed to make sure you will get the best service from ShopShipShake.

We have been collected their personal information including their ID card photos. And we require them to do the pledge to ShopShipShake to avoid any accident happens. And we will cooperatively report to local police if any worst case happens.

About Group-Buy Bind System

How to bind?

When you bind, your account will be marked as SSS Group-Buy Member.


Q; If I already have orders on my Purchase page? Can I bind with Pro-Ambassador?

 A: Yes. It’s possible. When you bind, it will ask you for the former order’s service fee, which is 10% of the order’s value.

Q: What if I want to unbind?

 A: Contact your Chinese Assistant to unbind. But there are two cases,

1.If there are no orders in the “Purchase” or “To ship” stage, you are out of the Group-Buy without any further actions.

2.If there are orders in the “Purchase” or “To ship” stage, when you unbind, half of the service fee will be refunded.


1.Please respect all the parties.

2.The return and refund policy is the same as ShopShipShake.

3.Quality Inspection is STRONGLY recommended.

4.Keep the payments and the process in your account.

5.When you choose items, please check if you follow Pro-Ambassador’s tips.

6.The process in combine orders and local shipping may take few more days than the regular orders.

7.Good communication can help us resolve the problem soon.

*ShopShipShake reserves the right to the interpretation of the above terms and conditions.