How To Import Building Materials From China?

Many construction companies and retailers all around the world see the benefits of importing building materials from China. China is known as a production superpower, manufacturing a sizable amount of the world’s requirement for construction materials such as ceramic tiles, marbles, bathroom fittings, windows, doors, lights, kitchen cabinets, ceilings, and so on.

1.1 Is it a good idea to purchase building materials from China?

Many builders and retailers find purchasing building materials from China quite a good idea. Building materials suppliers in China are in high demand in the US and all over the globe. They are preferred because of these four main reasons:

Low Manufacturing Costs

Many people think the low wages in China compared to the US are the main reason for low manufacturing costs. This is, however, only partially true because labor costs, in most cases, make up only about 20% of the total manufacturing cost. China has a population of roughly 1.39 billion people. As the most populous country in the world, the huge labor force of China helps produce wholesale building materials in bulk and can even accommodate sudden rises in the demand for these products. Moreover, the Chinese are very wise and hard-working. They are willing to work longer hours with high efficiency to get more payment . This is one of the important reasons why China has achieved so much rapid growth in just a few decades.

On the other hand, the high volume of raw materials purchased by Chinese factories brings the prices as low as they could possibly be. Therefore, you could find that the actual building construction materials cost is much lower than in other countries.

A multitude of Manufacturers across Various Industries

Multitude of Manufacturers across Various Industries importing building materials from China

China manufactures more products than any other country in the world, such as aluminum, iron, steel, cement, as well as aircraft, cars, electronics, toys, textiles, and many other products. Manufacturing is the largest industry in China. The manufacturers of China are preferred by businesses in other countries around the world for having low manufacturing and labor costs, and high production capacity. There are large numbers of manufacturers for building materials and construction solutions to choose from in China.

Building construction materials in China are classified per city. There is a city that is a manufacturing hub for stones and marbles, and another city for steel building materials. An industrial chain is the main factor that a city or even a country can develop and grow. In China, almost every industry can find its suppliers and service providers within 100 kilometers, which is almost impossible in any other country.

With the huge number of manufacturers across various industries, it is easy to choose the right one for your requirements. The wholesale building materials suppliers in China offer unmatched value in terms of varieties, quality, and most especially affordability.

Distance and Communication is Easy to Deal With

easy communication when importing building materials from China

Communicating with building materials manufacturers in China can create some problems, but there is nothing that cannot be resolved. In China, now most of the international sales are Millennials. They are well educated in the school and English is their required course. Communication is not so hard as before.

Sometimes if you don’t want to visit the factory and meet building materials suppliers in China. You can source those products online or work with a professional sourcing agent who is near your suppliers. If you want to visit the factory of your Chinese building materials supplier, consider bringing along a translator or a sourcing agent. Simple, clear, and open communication is key to a better understanding despite the distance and language barrier. The use of the English language is gaining ground in many workplaces in China.

Advanced Technology and Trade Practices

Advance Technology and Trade Practices when importing building materials from China

Advance technology has become the cutting-edge advantage of wholesale building materials suppliers in China. Advance technology has allowed Chinese manufacturers to improve the quality of their products and increased productivity all through the manufacturing process. China has been ranking as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world since it started to implement free-market reforms thirty-five years ago. Close 10 10% of the total manufacturing output of the world comes from manufacturers in China.

Why is the quality of building materials produced in China better than in other countries?

China has capitalized on the use of advanced technology to produce better building materials than other countries in the world. With the large volume of orders received by Chinese manufacturers for building construction materials, they have mastered the production process for building materials allowing them to produce the best building materials.

Prior to proceeding with the manufacturing process, a China building materials supplier produces a sample and has an international testing laboratory check the quality and safety of the product. Quality Control Inspections are also being done prior to the shipment of your orders.

Wrapping up

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