The blockade may end, but life goes on

A phrase that has been used a lot lately is the new normal in the post-epidemic era.

The latter is based on the sense of relief that we have experienced shock, fear, hesitation, loneliness, understanding and growth in the face of this worldwide disaster.

New is the gradual restoration of new social norms in the face of the impending lifting of the blockade, which may not be what it used to be because of the sudden blow to humanity.

South Africa has been shut down for 42 days. Let’s take a look at the personal life and feelings of one of SSS clients during the lock down.

“Life on the balcony”

Since the blockade, people have made it a daily habit to go to the balcony and roof.

On the one hand, the balcony is the window that is closest to the street and the outside world, on the other hand, look outwards from the balcony space as if observing the life of others, also can feel they are observing mine at the same time.

It was a little stiff at first, but gradually we got used to it and focused on our own lives.

As long as it’s sunny, everyone will gather on the balcony to eat, read, exercise, work, talk on the phone, or simply photosynthesize to the maximum extent possible without wearing anything.

Basking in the sun is very effective for mood adjustment, the warmth of flocky will be the whole person wrapped in a group, the road is not the sound of cars, accompanied by chirping birds around, close your eyes can forget where you are, too healing!

It’s a real addiction, but not long ago I suddenly realized that I seemed to have gotten a premature tan…

“Learn to be alone”

After retiring at the age of 65, the old lady of the landlord chose to return to school to study history. In February, she just transferred to a school in southern South Africa to study courses. She applied for this arrangement long in advance. Before leaving every day happily hummed a little song, excited like a child, to after going there is also happy, every day in the new exploration through.

When we watched the video as usual after the epidemic was suspended, the first thing the old lady said was “fortunately, the teacher still left some homework. I can still read and write at home during this period of time!”

At that age, her thirst for knowledge was even more intense than that of a young man like me. What I was thinking at that time was that I would finally have plenty of time to watch TV series, cook and relax.

To tell the truth, at home this time, in fact, he had a quick look at several grass long movie, TV, try for a variety of food, didn’t do before found several treasures UP master, focus on Ins a big Bob blogger, found some interesting and free of course, the quantifiers into several series of time, a few meal, a few games live… There are also plenty of small talk and videos with family and friends.

For impetuous me, being alone feels like a kind of creative practice. In the age of Internet, even if I am forced to be at home, it is not a real sense of being alone.

“A new way to get along with your septuagenarian roommate”

After all the classes were confirmed in mid-april, there was no reason for the old lady to stay any longer, and after more than a month under the high walls of the convent, she packed up and took the train home.

Although South Africa remains under lockdown, the old lady is allowed to return to her home. But for me, the blockade ended early with her return from the south.

I’m a little worried about the impending closeness. After all, we’ve both worked out our schedules to give each other some alone time, which can be a little stressful now.

As a result, we didn’t see each other for more than two months. On the night when we first met, we chatted nonstop and realized that it had been a long time since we talked face to face.

A few days later, she talked with her friend and learned that more than 100 elderly people had died in the two nursing homes near her friend’s home. The old lady felt the horror of the disaster. According to the official data provided by the newspaper el pais, 94.5 percent of the deaths were caused by men over 60 and 96.5 percent by women. Nursing homes, which operate like a death train without medical help because of understaffing and poor supervision, account for more than 67 percent of all deaths.

My relationship with the old lady changed after the reunion.

To get up early, I join her in online meditation every morning at 8 a.m. After breakfast I was in the living room and she was reading and studying on the balcony. At noon sometimes I cook more, we have lunch together; The applause at 8 p.m. was her most anticipated event. At the Abbey, we could only hear the applause, but no one could see the applause. Now we wave hello to our neighbors. Then I ate some ham and cheese bread, played some music, talked to each other, went back to my room at ten o ‘clock, and played with each other.

More than a week to get along, unexpectedly imperceptibly established the common routine schedule, these daily rituals let us feel at ease, but also let a day of life more sense.

Not embarrassed by doing different things under the same roof, which I didn’t expect at all, since she used to be in the living room, and I stayed in my bedroom to try not to come out.

The key to summing up the shift may be to talk more, and as you get to know each other, your personality becomes more familiar. There are many reports that the epidemic has led to a rise in the divorce rate. It seems that the epidemic has really changed the relationship between people. It is undeniable that this change is nothing compared with the political and economic impact.

“The horn of economic recovery has sounded, and life goes on.”

However, the old lady is still the old lady, naughty and capricious is no less. Ever since the government announced signs of lifting the ban, free souls have been making two trips a day, wearing masks and gloves, despite fears about the outside world.

The applause was a little different this evening at eight o ‘clock, because people could go out at the beginning of the day. The neighbors were excited, and an uncle from galicia played his bagpipes, as if to announce that the end was near.

Well, it’s May, and we’ll probably be living in the shadow of the virus for a while yet. I hope everyone is safe for the rest of the year.