A Mother of Two Found New Opportunity During Lockdown

Nomsa, a mother of a boy and a girl, was a former caregiver who reluctantly accepted the following unemployment after the pandemic occurred. However, soon she took ShopShipShake as a good chance and became our influencer. When we were having a phone interview with her, some kid’s cryings interrupted our taking. On the one hand, we had a clue of how hard it is to be a mother of two kids, on the other hand, we felt happy for Nomsa for she can still accompany her kids while working.

Could you please tell us when you joined the influencer team of ShopShipShake, and why?

I joined ShopShipShake in April, my assistant told me there would be an influencer test and I applied on Facebook and I got accepted. It was easy because I have been buying from ShopShipShake since last year, I joined the team because I was not employed and was in need of money, secondly I love interacting with people and teaching.

Please tell us about your job, What are the main duties?

My main job is to post links on Facebook and Whatsapp to attract people to join ShopShipShake, guide, and assist them on how to use the ShopShipShake so that they can buy from China and sell locally.

I also opened a Facebook page named Nomsa online boutique where I post my things received from ShopShipShake as prove, and share the page links elsewhere to show that ShopShipShake is trustworthy. Now, my clients spontaneously post the goods they received and leave positive comments there.

The Whatsapp group is where I teach and guide people. I downloaded some documents from the ShopShipShake website, I introduce people to ShopShipShake first, and teach them how to register, order and pay. I also advise people to tell their friends and relatives about ShopShipShake.

How do you evaluate ShopShipShake? What impressed you the most?

ShopShipShake is a very easy and reliable online buying platform, you don’t need to go anywhere, just sit at home and make orders.

I’m very impressed by the assistants, they have a good sense of agency and humour, they have time to listen to their customers. I was happy to have Shirley as my assistant, she was there in every step of the way, I never had any problem with my orders. It’s impressive that we have assistants to guide us. So, I recommend everyone find their assistants and ask for help before making any mistakes.

After joining the team, which aspect of your work do you think is better?

I’m really good at interacting with people. I’m a good listener and am very patient when dealing with people of different characters, coming from different areas and cultures.

Whatever people throw at you, you need to be calm, because you serve everyone, not just one person, and people need your time and patience.

Also, many clients in the group have been buying from ShopShipShake, if they post evidence, new recruits can get encouraged and motivated by it.

Has the work of ShopShipShake helped you gain some skills?

I’ve learned a lot about how to relate to customers. As I am teaching people, I’m also learning every day about what my customers want. I know the problems customers face and how they can be solved.

Besides, knowledge in online buying, communication skills and a sense of humour are also what I’ve learned from ShopShipShake.

During work, what is the biggest difficulty you encountered? How did you solve it?

The biggest difficulty I have encountered was data, it is a very big challenge sometimes because I spend all day and night online recruiting which costs a lot of data.

The other problem we face is on social media, people attack us and insult us, especially when a customer received a bad order, or face delays, or the shipping costs are so high than expected, they will go online tarnish your name on media. It’s so bad because I use the same name on platforms to market my stock, so I decide to open a new account only for sharing links, and I opened another group on Facebook only for guides and sharing of links and registration, so now I post less on Facebook, but I invite people to my Whatsapp group to guide and help them register.

As for solving difficulties, what insights would you like to share with us? And how do you balance life and work?

I would love to become ShopShipShake ambassador, I think I have gained more knowledge to the extent that I can be able to guide and teach. The tips of being a successful influencer are to stay calm, work very hard as if it’s your only job, and spend more to gain more. Don’t listen to insults, keep your head high, and never look back. Take those insults and correct where it needs to be corrected. For you to succeed, you will meet problems on the way but just keep on moving.

Any thoughts on being selected as ShopShipShake influencer, please?

I was happy because I thought I did well in the influencer test and I finally have something to do during the lockdown.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to tell people who want to join the ShopShipShake influencer team?

People who want to become influencers need to have full knowledge of ShopShipShake: know the 3 versions of guidance very well, understand how ShopShipShake works, and study hard, so that you are able to answer all of the recruits’ questions.

Please tell us your motto of life.

My motto is Pursue, Overtake and Recover it all.

What thing about ShopShipShake you think has to be improved?

I hope ShopShipShake can have a branch and office in South Africa where people can visit and influencers work, so people will stop thinking ShopShipShake is a scam.

Recruiting and being an influencer is a win-win situation: not only is Nomsa happy about working as an influencer but also ShopShipShake is delighted to have influencers to appeal to recruits. It is a gratifying opportunity for both people like Nomsa and ShopShipShake.