How to do precautions during the lockdown?

What are the precautions for going out during the epidemic? The current outbreak is still relatively serious, because there are a lot of latent period of undiagnosed people have not been found, so you go out to take precautions. So how do you protect yourself during an outbreak? Let’s take a look.

Wear a mask before you go out

Must wear face mask before going out, the environment of the supermarket is relatively airtight. The environment of farmer market commonly is poorer also. Wearing face mask is the best protective measure that prevents droplet to spread. Wear the mask correctly and ensure its tightness before going out.

Stay close and avoid public transport

You should choose the nearest supermarket or convenience store to avoid taking public transportation, make sure to purchase goods in advance, reasonably allocate purchasing personnel (try to choose young people to go out, avoid the elderly and children, etc.), and reduce the number of people and time to go out. At the same time, stay away from crowded areas to ensure their safety.

Take the elevator

In the face of elevator buttons and door handle and other high-frequency contact areas, should use tissues, disinfection paper, etc., to avoid direct hand touch. Once touched, wash your hands and disinfect them.

Clean up after going out

When we go out to go home, go in the door for a thorough cleaning to prevent the virus into the home. The clothes that go out and pass are put alone, can hang in the ventilated place such as the balcony to blow. Change into home clothes. The phone can be wiped and disinfected with 75% medical alcohol after use. The article that has outer packing can take off packing bag directly, or use disinfectant to spray the surface to undertake disinfection to take out again. Place your purchases.