Being coughing, is that Covid-19? 9 cough-related problems during epidemic prevention

Three kinds of transmission are associated with the droplets of cough

Covid-19 is mainly transmitted by respiratory droplets and contact, aerosol and other transmission routes are still to be determined, but these three transmission routes are all related to droplets produced during coughing and sneezing, with which viruses or bacteria will spread.

Dry cough is one of the main manifestations of COVID-19

Fever, fatigue and dry cough are the main clinical manifestations of COVID-19. If recent contact with a suspected source of infection, fever, cough, shortness of breath and other acute respiratory symptoms, need to seek medical advice.

Children’s cough and asthma are related to many factors

Fever, fatigue, dry cough symptoms are not necessarily infected with a novel coronavirus, especially children cough and asthma is usually associated with virus, bacterial infection, living environment, air pollution, second-hand smoke and other factors are concerned, cannot simply judge whether to be a novel coronavirus infection with symptoms.

Antibiotics should not be used arbitrarily in ordinary patients

If you have fever, cough, nasal congestion, sneezing and other symptoms, please consciously reduce contact with others, wear a mask outside. For ordinary patients, antibiotics should not be used freely when coughing.

It is not recommended to cover your mouth and nose with your hands when coughing

Cough or sneeze, want to cover mouth and nose when using tissue or hand, do not suggest to cover mouth and nose with the hand, the tightness of both hands is inferior to sleeve.

Don’t rub your eyes without washing your hands

Throw any tissues you’ve coughed or sneezed into the trash can and wash your hands thoroughly. Don’t rub your eyes or touch mucous membranes without washing your hands.

Pneumonia is only one cause of coughing

The cough itself does not cause pneumonia, but rather pneumonia causes the cough. Cough is just a symptom. It can be caused by many things, including choking on food, colds, pneumothorax, etc. Pneumonia is just one of them.

Be alert to allergens such as pollen

The pollen and mycete flutters in the air, once enter respiratory tract likely causes dry cough, the allergy symptom such as scratchy throat, sneeze, serious still may appear acupressure cough.