Revealing the Formula of the Most Popular TikTok Ads

On TikTok, it’s already common for users to be filmed growing weeds. Whether it is hard advertising or soft placement, as long as the video content is good enough, there is a chance to catch the eye of the audience and promote their orders to buy.

What does a premium Tik Tok ad video look like? Based on machine learning, we have summarized the most suitable e-commerce and game video advertising formula for the TikTok platform to share with you. Spoiler alert, the following methods are simple and easy to use, you can use them in your next video!

11 TikTok Ideas for Merchants

Show off orders. Showing a business’s orders piling up has become a TikTok trend. The audience doesn’t care if you’re in a huge warehouse or at home. There’s something satisfying about seeing orders come in and packages going out.

TikTok user @itsnatalierogers creatively shows a line of orders, below, for her small business.

Screenshot of a TikTok video of a merchant packing orders

Package an order. Film how you package order and what goes inside. Tag in the video the TikTok user who will receive it. This helps build community.

User @happyplacebychloe packages an order, below, for another TikToker.

Encourage viewers to shop your small business. It’s more than acceptable to ask your audience to shop small. A good way to do this is to show what a purchase means to you and how it impacts your life. When people see that a $200 order can mean a new baseball outfit for the owner’s child, it builds heart and community.

Post a how-to. Something that seems easy and familiar to your business can be foreign to shoppers. Show them how to use your product, even if it’s as simple as how you wear a scarf you’re selling. Viewers want to see how you do it.

Introduce yourself. Let your followers see who’s behind the scenes. Say “Hello!” to new followers. Have a small team behind you? Introduce them, too. This can help you appear approachable and likable, which never hurts sales, especially on a social platform.

Answer FAQs. Let your audience choose your content. Create a video asking followers to send questions. Then create videos with the answers.

The trend is to include the text of the user’s question on the video. It connects with the questioner and provides social proof that your product is in demand, which helps sell more.

Fashion designer and user @nene_la_shiro, below, answers a question on video.

Screenshot of a TikTok video of a user answering a question

Share your history. TikTok is filled with inspirational videos of how everyday people built their dream business. Share your story in a quick video.

TikTok user @shopthesedays shares the journey of growing her online boutique, below.

Screenshot of a female describing her online boutique business.

Share product info. Have an ongoing sale? A new promotion? Something was out of stock but just came back in? Let your audience know. This is easy content. However, post-non-promotional videos, too, so your audience doesn’t get saturated with product pitches.

Take a tour. Give your audience an exclusive glimpse of where the magic happens. Whether it’s a home office, an external workspace with employees, or a “day in the life” where you record your tasks, people love going behind the scenes.

TikTok user @taylerbradford shares an inside look at her home office, below.

Screenshot of a video of a TikTok user showing her home office.

Show your products. Use trending sounds and entertaining ways to show off your products. Followers will not likely see all of your videos. Post often so they can understand what you sell.

TikTok user @sisoanscent uses a compilation of product photos, below, to show off her candle jars.

Screenshot of a TikTok video from a seller of candles.

Host a giveaway. It’s never a bad idea to give back to your followers. Host a product giveaway by encouraging them to make a video with an on-brand hashtag or to tag their friends in your video — anything to grow your audience. Then pick a winner.

Wrapping up

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