Shopshipshake Business Development Project

Project Background

In order to attract more Business Clients and let Shopshipshake’s services benefit more people who want to build or grow their business, we need support from a local business development team to introduce us and invite them to join 3S.

Group Culture

Mission: Let more South Africans have a better life

Vision: Be a team of sharing opportunity

Value: Thanksgiving, Responsibility, Integrity, Collaboration, Win-win

How Significant Business Developer is?

For South Africa:

Support local businessmen and those who want to start a business, share opportunities, share hope and bring a better life to the locals.

For SSS:

SSS’s local spokesperson, brings more high-quality Business clients, helping SSS be better and better.

Job Description:

1. Responsible for introducing Shopshipshake’s service to those who would like to grow or build their own business.

2. Responsible for assisting clients in website registration.

3. Responsible for introducing Shopshipshake’s social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and WordPress, to track and target clients.

Promotion Area: 

Wholesale Market, Business Center, Community, Entrepreneurial events (take photo/video)

Target Clients(suggested): Business owner, Wholesaler

We are expecting your join!

CV to E-mail:
WhatsApp: +8613701835678