WhatsApp Operation: How to solve the user stratification of community operation

In fact, WhatsApp group operation has been in existence for a long time. In the early days, it was the moderators’ operation of community operation, and users’ hierarchical operation are all part of the operation of WhatsApp group today. Another good WhatsApp group operation will definitely involve content operation, activity operation, users and data operation. WhatsApp groups are just a tool. It’s a pond of people. In the era of mobile Internet, only users can win the world, which is one of the reasons why the trend of social e-commerce is so vigorous.

A good WhatsApp group that is active and stable generally looks like this:

“The coquet-coquet-group manager + opinion leaders who love to pretend to be forced + more than ten industry small white who love to ask questions + handsome men and beautiful women of high appearance level in twos and threes + idle people who like to blow water in five five six six + grabbed the red envelopes will say thank you to eat gua masses”

Even the most advanced communication and sharing needs someone to ask questions and support, right? While the active and stable structure is only the framework of WhatsApp group, how to further stimulate the active WhatsApp group is the core ability of WhatsApp group operation.

By formulating a series of rules and rules, we can simultaneously activate WhatsApp groups, deepen users’ trust and transform core users with the idea of hierarchical operation.

Let me share with you a key part of the WhatsApp group operation: the hierarchical management of WhatsApp group users

(1) Importance of WhatsApp group management System:

WhatsApp group assistant: help group manager post relevant messages; Group activity officer: planning and organizing activities; Group record officer: responsible for recording the dry goods information of the group and sorting out relevant information to provide to the group members; Group designer: responsible for the design of WhatsApp group posters and holiday posters; Group diplomats: help WhatsApp group to link external big names and improve the quality of the group; Group executive: responsible for the implementation of group regulation and the interaction of group members.

Make sure you know what WhatsApp group managers want and pursue, and then use the power of the paid WhatsApp group platform to help them achieve that goal. As WhatsApp groups continue to grow.

(2) Classification according to motivation

1. Dedicated: Willing to help others grow and share themselves. This kind of person was important in the early days of WhatsApp group.

2. Grateful type: Strong execution and loyalty. It’s the heart of the WhatsApp group.

3. Self-driven: Have a strong thirst for knowledge, and have great interest and desire in the operation mode and method of WhatsApp group. Can lead WhatsApp groups to more classes.

4. Resource devotion: I hope to get more replacement of resources and play the role of publicity.

(3) Reasons for the loss of WhatsApp group management members:

1. Too much work to balance;

2. No recognition without reward;

3. Poor team cohesion;

4 growth is not satisfied hope to get a better fulcrum of life.

(4) Pay more attention to the following aspects in the WhatsApp group management mechanism:

1. Continuously improve the operation process of WhatsApp group;

2. Use the screening mechanism to select more suitable people;

3. Establish a spiritual bond between each other;

4. Set up effective replacement mechanism;

5. Establish a reasonable reward, punishment and return mechanism;

When WhatsApp groups get on track, they have a certain source of revenue.

(5) Operation of WhatsApp group KOL

In the early stage, the WhatsApp group of middle-level users needs to do a lot of sticky work, such as chatting, interacting and establishing mutual relations. Moreover, the users’ friends should be good at observing the people in the group, which are active, which are general and which are suitable for KOL in the group, and delegate power appropriately.

In the process of WhatsApp group fission, users’ roles will constantly change, “seed users” will become ordinary users, and “defense molecules” will change into KOL… All of these changes are designed to bring WhatsApp groups to a tipping point.

1. Value critical point: Value critical point includes the recognition degree of WhatsApp group and the pursuit of interests, etc. The emergence of critical point means that the corresponding users have accumulated the power of fission. For example, in a WhatsApp group for creative sharing, some users have acquired the value of producing high-quality knowledge after certain training and education. At this time, only one active communication, one group sharing, one sharing set and one interview are needed… Any one of these developments could explode the fission of this value.

2. Critical point of number: A WhatsApp group still needs a certain number of people to play, so that when the number of affected people reaches the critical point, effective fission can be triggered. This is why many ordinary ideas are successful because they are spread over a large number of users, while some very good ideas are lost in a small number of user interactions.

When we run WhatsApp groups, we sometimes envy those short-lived WhatsApp group fission events, and then ignore the reasons and values behind the WhatsApp group fission.

An explosion, a digital explosion, does not necessarily determine the value of the WhatsApp group and its subsequent growth. Without a stable user role structure within WhatsApp groups, even if the “lucky” ones split, what can WhatsApp groups do? It’s worth thinking about!

Hierarchical operation, layer by layer screening core WhatsApp groups

By formulating a series of rules and rules, we can simultaneously activate WhatsApp groups, deepen users’ trust and transform core users with the idea of hierarchical operation.

Now let’s talk about one of the ways WhatsApp groups operate hierarchically — upgrade and repeat.

Group positioning: User growth fission communication learning

Group target users: all kinds of people who want to make user fission growth, including Daniel and Xiaobai of different levels.

– Specific layering method:

Multiple groups can be prepared, one group (core group), two groups (in order to have a weak cognition of the circle), repeat group, (it is not recommended to use senior and primary groups, class sense is too obvious.)

As the seed group of the paying group, there are a lot of growing and splitting head players. As the core WhatsApp group of the head, it produces more high-quality content.

The group members of the two groups are composed of a small group of active “head players”, mainly for users who are constantly entering for later promotion. According to the principle of 80, in the case of non-personnel screening, 80% of the users are mainly consumers of high-quality content, and there will be more small white users.

– Upgrade system:

The promotion goal of two groups is to reach the head users of one group. The activity of WhatsApp group was measured by tools, and 1-3 users with the highest activity were selected from the two groups to upgrade to the group with the majority of active head users (Da). The retention group is upgraded to two groups

Ps: Use the group management tool of WhatsApp to count the activity of group members, invite friends and other data.

– Retention system: the users who do not speak continuously and are not active in the group will be inspected once every half a month through the WhatsApp group tool, and the 10 people with the lowest activity will be admitted into the retention group.

– Enjoy multi-group rewards: Each group is valuable and can be accessed by users with exceptional quality content output. This can be used as a special reward

This system effectively stratifies users with different levels of activity and perception of “growth” according to certain framework standards.

– For the two groups, this is a promotion mechanism to encourage ordinary users to continuously output high-quality content and realize UGC

– For a group, on the one hand, because everyone has an aversion, it can exert certain pressure on the users within the group, maintain their activity in the WhatsApp group and output content. On the other hand, active users who are constantly promoted from two groups can bring fresh blood to one group and keep the freshness of the original group.

In fact, the core of the system is to stimulate UGC, output content. This is also for the rapid expansion of WhatsApp groups in the later stage. The high-quality content of several groups in the early stage can make the group users experience the value. The deeper users’ trust in WhatsApp groups, the more they are willing to be “salesmen” in the later stage, and the faster WhatsApp groups split.

Of course, in addition to this user layered approach, WhatsApp group can also overlay other approaches. The most important thing is to build the rules system of WhatsApp group and cultivate user habits.

It can be as simple as saying good morning every morning, welcoming new people into the group every time, or as complex as a weekly topic of discussion. Through these, we can deepen users’ sense of participation and their perception of the value of WhatsApp group.