14 Best WhatsApp Promotional Messages (that convert like crazy)

Since September 2021, WhatsApp allows businesses to send WhatsApp promotional messages to users who have opted-in. Businesses can now send discount vouchers, promotional offers, coupons, product launch updates, alerts & more on WhatsApp.  

That’s some fantastic news for all Businesses using WhatsApp Business API

Sending promotional messages is the best way to do bulk WhatsApp Marketing!

But, you shouldn’t send promotional messages on WhatsApp just because you can. 

There are 3 things you must ensure before sending promotional messages on WhatsApp:

1. Maintain a 3:1 ratio between transactional & promotional messages. 

2. Personalize your promotional message- include emojis & easy-to-read words.

3. Avoid spamming the users with promotional messages. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you 14 WhatsApp Promotional message samples that can help you boost instant sales on WhatsApp. 

What are WhatsApp Promotional messages?

Promotional Messages are messages that contain direct discount coupons or offers that help drives sales.

There are multiple types of promotional messages like:

  • Festive Wishes + promotional offer message
  • New Product Launch offer message
  • Order Confirmation + Upsell promotional message
  • Cross-sell promotional message
    And many more…

We’ll show you how to create all these WhatsApp promotion messages in this blog.

Can you send promotional messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, since September 2021, WhatsApp allows businesses to send promotional messages on WhatsApp like discounts, vouchers, coupons etc.

Before September 2021, WhatsApp didn’t allow businesses globally to send promotional WhatsApp template messages. 

But, should you spam your way into your customer’s privacy just like that? .

Let’s have a look at some convert-effective WhatsApp Advertising message samples.

1. Festive Wishes + Promotional Message

Whether it’s Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid or more; what better way to boost your sales than by sending festive wishes to your users along with an enticing offer that makes them click the button & purchase from your store.

Here are some ready to use Festive WhatsApp promotional messages to boost your sales 3x this festive season:

1. Hey [Shivam], 😃👋
[AiSensy] wishes you a very [Happy Diwali]. ✨🎉
We are glad to have you with us. On the special occasion of [Diwali], we have an exclusive offer for you. 🤩
Avail [10%] discount on any [Upto 10,000 contacts] purchase. 😍
Hurry, offer valid only till [May 7, 2022] ⏳
Apply Code: [DISC10]
CTA- Buy Now

2. Hey [Yatharth], 😄Here’s a Christmas treat you won’t forget. Get FLAT 50% off up to Rs 200 on selected items.
Hurry! Sale ends at midnight today.
URL Link – [https://m.aisensy.com/] (Add your own URL)

2. Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers are 10x more important than new buyers. You can reward your loyal customers by providing unique offers, loyalty rewards & early sales access. Here are a few WhatsApp template message samples for Loyalty programs:

1. We just wanted to say thanks for being a valued customer for over [4 years]! 😉✨
As a token of appreciation, get [30% off] on your next purchase with us. 😍
With Love, [AiSensy]

2. Special E-Gift Voucher for you😍Applicable on *[All Brands of Coffee]*.
Apply Coupon Code [ASE34] and get Flat [Rs. 200] off. 🔥
Valid for Today only. Hurry Up!! ⏳
T&C Apply*
CTA- Buy Now

3. New Product Launch WhatsApp Message

95% of new Product launches fail!

The major reason behind this is a lack of reach & effective product marketing!

With a 98% open rate & up to 60% click-through rate, WhatsApp is the perfect place to get the word out about new product launches.

Here are a few WhatsApp template message samples for New product launches:

1. Hey [Shivam]
The day is finally here😍! [Hair Curler] is officially launched & is available on our website. 🔥
Place your order today for guaranteed shipping in [one day]⚡️
CTA- Buy Now

2. Hey [Kamlakshi], 👋😇
Good News! 😍
[Skullcandy] is introducing its new product – [Headphones] to help you [enjoy music to the fullest]. 😎
Be one of the first [20] to order & win [Rs. 2500] gift card! 🤩
CTA – Check it Now

3. Hey [Mohit]👋, based on your last purchase of our [Capppuccino Coffee], we think you’d love our [Americano]😉
Use code [DISC10] for [10% off]. Make it yours now👇
CTA- Shop Now

4. Feedback + Promotion Offer Message

Check the above video to know how the Feedback + Promotion Offer messages work.

A nice way of pushing promotional template messages on WhatsApp is via the Feedback Loop strategy.

When a customer gets hold of the product, send in a clickable feedback form. 

When they reply, your WhatsApp chatbot will continue the conversation with them, and directly send them a coupon code or a promotional message that will increase the sales. See the image of the perfect example:

Feedback + WhatsApp promotion message Loop
Feedback + WhatsApp promotion message Loop


Hello [name], 👋😇

We hope you liked the [Product name] you purchased on [Date].✨

Can you share your experience with us? We would love to hear from you.

Simply choose from the options below👇

Quick Replies – I’m Happy, I’m very Happy, Not satisfied

After the users provide feedback, have your WhatsApp Chatbot automate a promotional message as shown in the image above.

Note – Youcan send clickable buttons on WhatsApp. Check out how to add quick reply buttons to your WhatsApp promotional message templates.

5. Follow-up WhatsApp promotion Message

This WhatsApp promotion message is a follow-up message for existing customers who haven’t purchased for long or people who have shown interest in your products/ services. 

You can send them a message which doesn’t sound promotional at all. Just frame a message in such a way that it looks like you have been in touch with the customer and now, you are just following upon them.

For Example
1. Hi [User Name], Thanks for being a valuable user of the AiSensy Platform. We just noticed you haven’t yet applied for Whatsapp Business API.

Well, Our Unlimited Period Validity Pricing is coming to an end in the next 5 Days. Choose any plan and get Whatsapp Business API Approval included along with 2 Agent Dashboards and all features included.

Cheers, [AiSensy]

You can also share a Gentle reminder email in case the user does not respond or if they are currently unavailable on WhatsApp. 

6. Abandoned Cart

One of the main issues the E-commerce industry faces is abandoned cart problems. When a user adds items to the cart, fill in all the information but drop them off before making the purchase. It happens often.

Whenever this situation arrives, the chatbot will nudge them with a message on Whatsapp regarding the items added to their cart with a CTA link of the payment portal of the website. 

This technique recovers 40-60% of abandoned cart issues and in turn, increases sales. An example of the Template message formed in this case is given in the below image:

Untitled design(21)-4tvci

Here are a few more Abandoned Cart WhatsApp Message Templates:

1. Hi [Shivam]!👋
The awesome products😍 from *[Mama Earth]* are waiting to be yours!
Get your products here👇
CTA- Buy Now

*[Shivam]*, you added an item to your cart but haven’t completed your purchase. You can complete it now while it’s still available. ⏳
CTA- Complete Order

7. WhatsApp Promotion Message – Order Confirmation + Upsell

Another way to send your user a discount coupon is to send them an order confirmation. Most people will start replying and ask queries about their orders regarding delivery dates or some other. At this point, the chatbot will resolve their query and send them a coupon or discount code for their next purchase. Also, this is a great opportunity to upsell the products. 

AiSensy’s chatbot is contextual. So, it will catch the user’s interest and start recommending them products related to their latest orders, increasing the chances of upselling.

Here is an example of an Order Confirmation Template:
Hi Tanishka,
Your order is confirmed. 🎉
Great news! We have received your order #10094 amounting INR 9877.
Your Order is on its way. You can track your shipment details or track your order by clicking on the button below.
While your order reached you, why not check some amazing products in our store?
Select from an option below
1. Products that are rich in Vitamin C
2. Products that are rich in Vitamin D
3. Products that are rich in Vitamin E

8. Use WhatsApp as a Landing Page

In this method, we will use Whatsapp as a landing page. We can shoot SMS/Email Campaigns to all our users with a CTA link, bringing them to the Business’s Whatsapp page.

Once the user opens their WhatsApp, there will be a pre-filled message on behalf of the user, and they just have to click on the send button that will initiate the conversation with the chatbot.

And, during this conversation, the chatbot or any human agent can offer the user a discount, coupon code, or any other kind of promotional message.

For example:
Sending through SMS/Email Campaigns –

Hi Gautam, We are active on WhatsApp now. Connect with us at https://wa.me/919675577938

And once they connect with you on WhatsApp, you can continue the conversation.

9. Product Updates WhatsApp Promotion message

Whatsapp allows Businesses to send a few template messages such as product updates or premium updates. As soon as the user reverts to your updates, the chatbot can take over the conversation. Now, the engagement has started. 

While engaging in the conversation with the user, the chatbot can offer them discount coupons or other promotional events. 

For example:
Hi [Tanishka], Thank you for showing interest in WhatsApp Business API by AiSensy.
Here are the details of the same :
Price: Free with any plan
Validity: Unlimited
You can complete your order by clicking on the link below!
In case of any query, you can contact us directly.

10. Cross-selling WhatsApp promotional message

65% of the company’s business comes from existing customers. Thus, it’s important to re-engage your existing customers to get your business going!

 Cross-selling is the #1 Marketing strategy to re-engage existing users & convert them back to customers. Basically, these are users who have purchased one of your products.

If you have more products to offer, cross-sell & boost your sales. Here are a few WhatsApp promotional message samples for Cross-selling to your existing customers:

1. Hey [Gautam] 👋😇
[Rage Coffee] will be delivered soon. 🚚
Just had a thought that you might like *[Coffee Mug]* with *[Coffee]* 😉. Here’s a special offer so that you can enjoy your purchase. 🤩
Use Code *[DISC10]* at the time of checkout for instant *[10% Off]*.
CTA- Buy Now

2. [Ajay], Thanks for purchasing the [Vivo Smartphone]! 😇
As a loyal customer, we’d love to recommend some other [Vivo] products! ⚡️like [Earphones]
Would you like to know more about these products? 🤔
Quick Reply Buttons – Yes, No


Q. Can we send promotional messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, since September 2021, WhatsApp allows businesses to send WhatsApp promotional messages. Businesses can send discount vouchers, promotional offers, coupons, product launch updates, alerts & more on WhatsApp to Unlimited users with WhatsApp Business API. You can send these messages only to users who’ve opted-in for receiving WhatsApp notifications from your business.

Q. Are WhatsApp messages used for Advertising?

Yes, many big brands like Flipkart, Zepto, Eazy Diner, Vivo, Skullcandy & many more send marketing messages on WhatsApp to drive 3x more sales & conversions.

Q. How to write a good promotional message on WhatsApp?

A good promotional message is one which: Isn’t too salesy Is grammatically correct Is Personalized for users Is short, crisp & to the point.

Q. Are WhatsApp promotional messages effective?

With over 98% message open rate & 45-60% click-through rate, marketing messages sent on WhatsApp are highly effective & can help drive 3x & more sales & conversions at a cost-effective solution.


You can send users promotional messages on WhatsApp.

But, the crucial thing is to not be so direct with your approach. 

It’d be way better if you personalize your WhatsApp promotional messages in a way that doesn’t make it appear as a direct promotion. Frame the message in a manner that does not look promotional at all.

Wrapping Up:

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