Black Friday a key driver for e-commerce apps

November truly carries more gold in its pocket than any other month for e-commerce apps. The period from 25 to 27 November emerges as the prime time for app installs in the region, driven by the frenzy of Black Friday.

Source: © 123rf  Driven by the frenzy of Black Friday,, November truly carries more gold in its pocket than any other month for eCommerce apps

This period registers a marked increase across all platforms, with iOS numbers outpacing Android. On November 25th alone, Android installs rose by 30 % over any other day in the month in South Africa, while iOS saw a steeper climb of 78%.

This is one of a number of key insights on Africa’s e-commerce from AppsFlyer’s 2023 edition of its State of eCommerce App Marketing report.

The report provides an in-depth look at key global industry trends to guide retail marketers in building a mobile-first experience that drives engagement and sales for the second half of 2023, especially during the peak holiday season.

Black Friday

“Black Friday in South Africa last year once again showed its prowess in terms of app installs, with iOS installs rising by more than 30%, and Android installs increasing by more than 15% on this day, compared to the daily average in the month of November, showcasing the importance of this period in particular for e-commerce apps,” said Netta Lev Sadeh, managing director EMEA SANI, AppsFlyer.

“It is critical for app marketers to start their planning now leading up to this year’s Black Friday if they want to maximise this vibrant shopping period. Disruptive user acquisition campaigns could be paramount in the months leading up to Black Friday, and if executed successfully, could be the defining point in the increase or decrease in app installs.”

Key African insights from the 2023 State of eCommerce

In South Africa, e-commerce app installs on iOS devices surged significantly by 81.5% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023, dwarfing the 15% rise seen on Android devices within the same period of time.

The report also found that in South Africa, non-organic installs rose by more than 60% during the summer of 2022.

South Africa’s remarketing share peaked at 76% in April 2022, but by February 2023, had dropped down to 65%, according to the Report.

South Africa’s share of paying users peaked in November 2022, a testament to the month of Black Friday, it says.

Nigeria recorded a 22.3% rise in total e-commerce app installs from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 on iOS.

Surprisingly, in Algeria, there was huge growth in total e-commerce app installs from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 on Android devices, recording a whopping 54% increase.

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