Comprehensive Upgrade of Quality Inspection Services

As a one-stop service platform, ShopShipShake provides customers with the service of purchasing from suppliers in China with Rand payment and door-to-door delivery, even beginners can easily start their business here.

Recently, we have received a lot of feedback regarding quality problems that have caused inconvenience to our clients. To enhance the quality control on the ShopShipShake and prevent our clients from receiving unqualified products, we will improve the standard of the inspection process to avoid disappointments.

Without further ado, let’s get to know the upgraded inspection service in detail.

Our China’s warehouse

Service Object

All customers of ShopShipShake have the opportunity to enjoy this service.

Parcels will be weighed before inspection

Inspection Range

We will mainly inspect the following five types of product:



Bags & Accessories



With the continuous upgrading of services, we will expand the scope of services.

Our staff is inspecting items in the parcel

What is the service about?

We will inspect the parcels piece by piece based on the material and production standard. Customers can enjoy thorough inspection services of their orders.

Besides, an inspection report will be given to the customer after each product in the package have been fully checked.

The inspection process:

The green sticker shows that the parcel has passed the inspection

Quality Guarantee

The quality of the goods purchased by customers will be guaranteed. Taking apparel products as an example, we will check the materials used, the firmness of the fabric, the cleanliness and the craftsmanship, and give customers timely feedback on quality inspection. For products that fail to pass the inspection standards, we will return the products immediately to the supplier and refund the client.

Quantity Guarantee

We will carefully count the number of products and accessories, make timely reissues for missing items, and inform customers of the situation in time. If the replenishment takes too long and the customer has no intention of continuing to purchase, we will refund the customer directly to reduce his loss.

Description Guarantee

To prevent the actual products from being inconsistent with the promotional image, we will strictly check the size, colour, logo and design of the products, and try our best to meet customers’ expectations. The product that does not meet the requirements will be explained in detail to the customer. If the customer does not intend to continue buying, we will refund the customer directly.

How the Service Works

For orders that don’t pass our inspection, we will return them to the suppliers. We guarantee that we will 100% refund the clients via their ShopShipShake accounts, and afford the delivery fee caused by the return.

The refund process:

The order fails the Inspection —> ShopShipShake requests a refund from the supplier —> ShopShipShake affords the delivery fee caused by the return —> Our staff of warehouse returns the order —> The supplier receives the returned goods —> The supplier refunds ShopShipShake —> ShopShipShake deposits the money to the clients’ ShopShipShake accounts.

We deeply understand that it is not easy for ShopShipShake users to carry out business activities across oceans. And we sincerely wish you could buy satisfying products on ShopShipShake. We hope that the improvement of quality inspection services will enable you to have a high-quality experience.

Quality Inspection Standards

Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is mainly to check the style, material, and size of products.

• Style conformity. The main concern is whether the style, version, color, collar angle, cuffs, waist, printing, etc. of its products are consistent with the promotional pictures.

• Material. Check the inside and outside of clothes, to see if products are faded, damaged, dyed or stained.

Size. Check whether the products’ size is consistent with the promotional materials.

Note: when the product is more than 95% the same as the promotional image (less than 2 differences between product and promotional picture), we consider it qualified.

Quantity Inspection

The number of products. Check if the quantities of products are consistent with the customer’s order.

The number of accessories. Check if the product accessories are complete, like shoelaces, shoulder straps, belts, bag straps, etc.

Conditions of Spot Check

For orders with large quantities of goods, we will choose spot check. The following are the specific rules:

Check Ratio

Check RatioFootwear
Apparel (Pieces)Bags & Accessories
100%Under 10Under 10Under 10
30%Above 41Above 41Above 41

Restrictions of the Inspections Services

Products below the lowest prices may have many quality problems, so no inspection service is provided. Our advice is to purchase goods at a reasonable price, not too low.

*ShopShipShake reserves the right to the interpretation of the above terms and conditions.