A Must-Stock Guide for Retailers: Fall 2021

As the holiday season rolls around, it is important to make sure that your small business is fully stocked with products that can make big sales. As consumer demand undergoes rapid changes, what exactly though are people looking to buy? Luckily, we’ve done some digging to take that guesswork out of trend research.

In this article, we’ll share four retail trends based on Google Trends and Alibaba.com data. For each trend, we’ll recommend some popular products to sell through your store. Our goal is to help you make more informed decisions on product selection and better leverage the benefits offered by Super September,  

Now, let’s get started.

Search Trend #1: Celebrate Life’s Big Moments

Now that it is safer to host in-person events, people are back to planning celebrations for major milestones. As a result, there has been an uptick in searches for terms related to “weddings,” “gender reveal parties,” and “christenings.” 

Out of all terms, “wedding dress shops near me” and “christening” are most frequently searched globally. Over the past year, searches for “wedding dress shops near me” have increased 200%, and searches for “christening” have increased 300%.

To celebrate life’s big moments, here are a few of the must-stock products currently on sale at the Super September event on Alibaba.com.

Wedding dresses

While summer months are often considered the wedding season, preparations for weddings and receptions begin far before that. According to data from Alibaba.com, October through March is the most popular season for wedding-related purchases, and one of the most popular items is wedding dresses, with mermaid dresses being the top trending style.

Cocktail dresses

Many of those not hosting events of their own are venturing out as wedding guests, which has created the need for semi-casual clothing for various types of celebrations. Cocktail dresses are a very hot buy this season. The little black dress, which is a classic among party-goers, is particularly trendy right now. There has also been an uptick in searches for yellow cocktail dresses.

Personalized gifts

The need for gift giving arises as people host more events to celebrate major milestones. Creative and personalized gifts are always a little closer to people’s hearts. Personalized 3D night lamps can be creative gifts for your customers to bring to all sorts of celebratory events, such as birthdays, housewarming parties, weddings, and more.

Search Trend #2: Dress to Impress

Many people are swapping their stay-at-home uniforms of pajamas and loungewear for “going out” clothes. However, many have gotten used to living in comfort for the past year and a half. While they are ready to face the work and look their best, they want to do so comfortably.

There has been a 90% increase in Google searches for “formal wear” since last year. Searches for “jewelers” and “upscale restaurants near me” have also increased, indicating that people are looking for ways to reward and enjoy themselves.  

To catch the trend, here are some of the trending products we recommend you stock up on during Super September.

Casual office shoes

As people go back to the office, they are looking for shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Slip-on loafers, which bring together fashion and comfort, are a great choice. There are many slip-on loafers of different styles, materials, and colors that you can add to your inventory.


Surprisingly, jewelry is one item that has continued to sell throughout 2020 and continues to sell today. There has been a 100% year-on-year increase in searches related to jewelry. Whether your target audience purchases jewelry as a token of love or gratitude for a special someone or they tend to buy jewelry to treat themselves, it is worth ramping up your jewelry inventory for the holiday season.


As people begin to go out dressing a bit fancier, shapewear and other similar undergarments are trending. These items are very fitting for stores that specialize in women’s apparel and lingerie. This season features many different types of must-stock shapewear, including compression shorts, full body shapers, shaping bras, girdles, and corsets. Period panties are also a must-stock item this season.

Search Trend #3: Get the Party Started

In addition to important life milestones, people are also ready to get out and party again after nearly two years of social distancing.

Google searches relating to hosting parties, including “party venues” and “outdoor party,” have increased 500%. There has also been a 100% year-on-year increase for the term “invitations.”

Here are a few must-stock items from the parties and festival category you might consider adding to your inventory this year as they might just be what your customers are looking to get!

Christmas wreaths and garland

Christmas wreaths and garlands are two must-haves for the holiday season. If your store sells Christmas or winter decor, you need to add these items to your inventory. As a retailer, you might also want to stock the materials to create DIY wreath kits, especially if your customer base is more crafty and is looking for a family activity rather than the manufactured decor.

LED Christmas trees

Pre-lit LED Christmas trees are also a perfect way to make homes merry and bright for the holidays. The beauty of LED trees is that you and your customers can use them to decorate for any holidays that suit your home or business beyond December.

Women’s dresses

We touched on cocktail dresses earlier in relation to celebrations and milestones. However, there has also been an increase in women’s dresses of other styles, specifically those that meet halfway between stylish and comfortable. Dresses with a fun flair, like sequins, tassels, and cut-out or asymmetrical designs, are particularly trendy. 

Search Trend #4: Spruce up the Place

This year, many people have embarked on a mission to elevate their living spaces with a variety of home improvement projects. Being stuck at home may have inspired these upgrades in 2020. But now, people are hosting events in their homes again and want their places to be presentable. What’s more, people are also looking to improve their backyards and outdoor living spaces.

The search term “what to plant” has had an annual increase of 80%, and the term “small backyard ideas” has increased by 100%[3]. That said, here are a few home improvement items we recommend you stock up this season!

Bedding Sets

Bedding, including linens and comforters, is quite popular during the winter season as people aim to improve the “coziness” of their homes. While white bedding is typically the most popular, darker bedding tends to trend during the winter months. This year, there has recently been increased searches for “outdoor bedding” since people are improving their outside spaces.


Lighting a candle is another easy way to elevate a space and create a cozy ambiance. That’s why candles tend to be hot buys during the fall and winter months. This year, some social media trends have set the tone for some of the most popular candles. Artsy candles, such as bubble candles, bust candles, and cereal candles, have circulated TikTok and other social media apps.

Wine racks and laundry baskets

On the other hand, many customers are taking small steps towards home improvement by making small changes in their interior design. Storage and organization are great ways to change the atmosphere of a room without putting much effort at all.

Wrapping up

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