How to prepare for Black Friday 2022: the ultimate guide

Black Friday 2022 is right around the corner, and online businesses around the world are preparing to participate in this event. This American sales event is making its way into different markets due to the rise of e-commerce, so it’s becoming more relevant to online store owners around the world.

In this article, we will run through everything online store owners need to know as they prepare for Black Friday. We will discuss what Black Friday is before providing an actionable Black Friday preparation checklist. To wrap things up, we will answer some frequently asked questions about Black Friday.

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  • What is Black Friday?
  • How to prepare for Black Friday
  • Black Friday FAQs
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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a sales event that takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is known as the first major shopping day of the holiday season. This sales event is historically known for its doorbuster deals. People line up outside of stores, hoping to get the hottest deals before the sales items are sold out.

Black Friday is similar to Boxing Day, which is observed the day after Christmas in many of the Commonwealth Nations.1

In the mid-2000s, Cyber Monday became an online-specific extension of Black Friday. With this, Black Friday has evolved into more of a weekend-long sales and shopping event. While some stores still have doorbuster sales, many focus on their online sales.

Last year, buyers in the United States spent the whopping US $8.9 billion on Black Friday on online sales alone.2 Industry experts believe this figure will hit the US $9.5 billion for Black Friday 2022.

Although Black Friday originated in the United States, it has become more relevant around the world as e-commerce has grown. Global growth has been largely propelled by the fact that e-commerce makes it easy for businesses to sell to American consumers no matter where they are located. This digitalization and globalization have naturally exposed more markets to the Black Friday shopping phenomenon.

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How to prepare for Black Friday

If you want to make the most of the Black Friday 2022 sales trend, you’re going to have to prepare your business. Not only will you have to prepare your online store for the influx of traffic, but you’ll need to lay some groundwork to ensure that customers are aware of your promotions.

Let’s run through the online business owner’s checklist for Black Friday 2022 preparation.

Plan early

Planning in advance is one major key to success on Black Friday because a lot rides on strategy and preparation. Many businesses require extra manpower to operate their e-commerce operation before, during, and after the day of the sales event to ensure a smooth experience for buyers.

Since shoppers start browsing for their holiday needs as early as October, retailers are wise to get their efforts in motion even earlier if possible.

As we go through this article, we’ll discuss a variety of specific things that you’ll need to plan in advance.

Get strategic with your deals

Determining how to structure your Black Friday deals is among the most important considerations as you prepare for this sales event.

The most popular deal is a discount on each purchase or on specific items. Many believe that 20% off should be the minimum discount if you want to appeal to buyers.3

You can increase the discounts if you want to catch buyers’ attention. Obviously, something like a 99% discount on every purchase would be appealing to potential customers, but it doesn’t make sense for your business because it would cause a huge loss. Find a balance that works for your business.

Another popular Black Friday deal is offering a gift with every purchase over a certain dollar amount. The gift could be a small signature item or a gift card for a future purchase.

Prepare your website

Your site is your storefront, so make sure it reflects your brand in the best way possible. This should start with a phenomenal user experience (UX). You can enhance your user experience by ensuring that your overall design is appealing and the site is easy to navigate.

There are a few ways that you can gear the UX toward your Black Friday specials. You could include banners to call out your deals, and you could include an entire shopping page dedicated to the Black Friday sales.

Not only should your UX be superb, but your site speed should be optimized to the max. Make sure that all media is optimized so that your site loads quickly and efficiently.

If there is any part of your sales process that requires a real-time touch, it is important to ensure that you and your team have a stable internet connection when your sales go live. For example, if you have live chat support on your site, it is important to make sure the representatives who will be answering inquiries have reliable internet.

Create your marketing strategies

Marketing is key for maximizing your Black Friday success. After all, your target audience needs to know about your sales and specials if you want them to come shop.

In the past, businesses ran ads for their deals in the newspaper the day before, but it is appropriate to start promoting earlier if you’re focusing on digital marketing initiatives.

You can use your regular marketing strategies to reach your audience, but you should customize them with Black Friday-specific messaging. Here are some marketing techniques that you could use:

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertisements
  • Content marketing (blogs, videos, etc.)

Make sure you use marketing methods that have landed well with your audience in the past. If you don’t already have an email list, it is wise to start building one for future sales events since email drips or promotion sequences can be a great way to appeal to buyers.

Prepare your inventory

The surge in sales on Black Friday only makes a difference if you have the inventory to fulfill the orders. That makes it imperative to stock up on your hottest items so you don’t run the risk of selling out prematurely.

Place your orders with your suppliers well in advance to ensure that your items arrive in time for the sale. Keep in mind that many other businesses are stocking up for the holiday season, as well, so make sure your preferred suppliers are equipped to fulfill your needs.

Optimize shipping and delivery

The influx of orders on Black Friday requires well-thought-out logistics protocols. Having a system in place that can handle efficiently shipping large quantities of orders is key.

Even though you may be overloaded with orders, it is important to ship each order in a timely fashion. Speedy delivery is very appealing to consumers and has become the norm in many places due to two-day shipping guarantees from many major e-commerce realtors, especially those in the United States. You don’t need to master two-day shipping, but keeping that standard in mind is important.

Prepare your customer support team

With a large influx of traffic to your website comes the potential for a proportionately large influx of issues that require customer support. That’s why it’s very important to prepare your customer support team to handle any circumstances that require troubleshooting or resolution.

Just like brick-and-mortar stores hire additional workers for the Black Friday madness, you might consider having additional customer support representatives working on Black Friday to take calls, answer emails, or manage your support chat.

Enhance your product listings

Since Black Friday is such a major sales event, many retailers participate, and this will likely include at least a handful of your competitors. This means that your product listings on your storefront really need to stand out to capture the attention of buyers.

Two major ways to enhance your product listings include adding high-quality media and optimizing your product descriptions.

Photos are standard for e-commerce product listings, so you can make your products more engaging with videos, gifs, or interactive animations. Make sure everything is high-quality, on-brand, and aesthetically appealing.

As for product descriptions, be strategic with the use of keywords and how you present the items to shoppers. Consider posing items as the solutions to the problems they solve. Make sure to use good grammar and a tone that matches your brand.

Collect and leverage social proof

Ask past buyers for reviews and testimonials that you can share with your marketing materials, product listings, and other areas of your online storefront.

You can request videos or written reviews from your loyal supporters. This will help potential buyers see that people are happy with your products and their experiences shopping at your store.

Secure spots on gift guides

Many influencers, bloggers, and larger online publications share gift guides during the holiday season. These gift guides include everything from general guides like “Gifts for Grandparents” to more niche guides like “Gifts for Wine Lovers.”

Find creators with an audience relevant to yours and pitch your items for a feature on their gift guides. Some creators might charge a fee for the feature, and others may want to try your products.

Make sure you begin to approach these creators or their managers at least a month or more so that your request can be considered at an early stage of their content creation workflows.

Black Friday FAQs

Now that you better understand how to prepare for Black Friday, let’s review a few frequently asked questions about this major sales event.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving is observed every year on the fourth Thursday in November, so Black Friday typically falls on the fourth Friday of November.

The only exception is if November 1 falls on a Friday. Then, Black Friday would be on the fifth Friday of that month.

Where is Black Friday celebrated?

Black Friday originated in the United States, but thanks to the growth of e-commerce, this sales event is now observed in many parts of the world.

Some countries that have begun to join in on Black Friday sales events include South Africa, Nigeria, the UK, Australia, Mexico, several European countries, and countries throughout South America.

Why should I participate in Black Friday?

As an online store owner, participating in Black Friday isn’t required. However, many other businesses in your industry are likely offering Black Friday sales, and it is wise to maintain a competitive edge.

Participating in Black Friday deals can help you make more sales, show appreciation to your customers, and draw more awareness to your brand.

Even if your country is based outside of the regions we discussed above, it is wise to offer Black Friday specials if your goal is to reach an audience located within those regions.

Where does the term “Black Friday” come from?

Many people believe that the term “Black Friday” comes from the idea of the common financial terms “red” and “black,” which are used to signify profit or loss, but this is simply a common myth.

The term actually originated in the 1960s when people began calling in sick to work the day after Thanksgiving to roll the celebrations into a long weekend. People used the day to start shopping for the holidays, causing chaos and traffic.4

Police officers in Philadelphia who were called into work to manage this chaos began calling the day “Black Friday,” and it quickly spread throughout the United States.

Wrapping up

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Black Friday Email Subject Lines for eCommerce

Black Friday is one of the biggest retail events of the year. It is the curtain for Christmas shopping and in 2020 it grossed a shocking $188.2 billion from online and mobile purchases alone. For many retailers, such as jewelers, it’s a significant day since up to 40 percent of their annual turnover can occur between Black Friday and Christmas. With sharp discounts and deals, it is not surprising many consumers want to fully leverage this occasion to stock on their wish list and get ahead of Christmas shopping in one go. Consequently, nearly all brands and online retailers are looking to make a difference on this day, starting with email campaigns that increase awareness and drive traffic to the websites. In today’s post, we share inspirations on Black Friday email subject lines along with a few not-so-traditional Black Friday email approaches, to help you distinguish your email campaigns from the very first impression!?

Focus on OmniChannel Marketing

Most eCommerce businesses tend to use email campaigns to drive maximize traffic from Black Friday, either online or in-store, in a creative way. In this example, Apple used email campaigns to build awareness for its in-store sales:

Apple Black Friday Campaign
Example: Apple Black Friday Campaign seeks to drive in-store traffic.

The rule of thumb dictates that Black Friday email campaigns must start building awareness about 2 weeks prior and intensify anticipation as time progresses. As more people choose to stay out of busy streets and cashier queues to enjoy Black Friday shopping from the comfort of their homes, the need for brands to reach all possible digital channels is intense. Maximum visibility can be achieved via multi-channel campaigns, with integrated campaigns across online and offline channels which will spread awareness and create a top-of-mind effect for your audience.

Taking a Path Most Unexpected

eCommerce businesses generally opt to gain from the Black Friday & Cyber Monday momentum. However, as of the past 2 years, some brands decided to go against the tide, and as a result, further distinguishes the brand ideal from the crowd. A good example of such is REI, a retailer for outdoor apparel. An email message was sent directly from REI’s CEO, Jerry Stritzke, to its customers announcing that REI is closing all the stores on Black Friday.

REI Black Friday Email
REI choose an alternative approach for Black Friday Email

By choosing to uphold its’ brand values as an outdoors gear retailer, REI was able to garner brand recognition for its core customer base. Although forgoing the potential sales for Black Friday, such brand marketing and choices will have a significant effect on the company’s bottom line for years to come.

Release Your Creativity

Black Friday is a great opportunity to make a difference with your ‘revolutionary’ marketing campaign strategy, starting with a set of attention-catching email campaigns and creative Black Friday email subject lines to create anticipation, grow awareness, traffic, or better yet, long-term branding. Whatever the case, make sure your holiday marketing is planned to a T. All the best!

BTW, We Introduced 3 Black Friday Email Templates

Apart from the Black Friday email subject lines above, we’ve also created 3 new Black Friday email templates that will help you build your promotion campaigns quicker.

Template 1. 6 Products Table

Start Editing In ContactPigeon (Required Account Login)

Black Friday Email Template 1
Black Friday Email Template 1

Template 2. Black Friday Sales

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Black Friday Template 2
Black Friday Template 2

Template 3. Single Column Products

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Black Friday Template 3
Black Friday Template 3

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Creative Black Friday Strategies for Retailers

Is Black Friday profitable for retailers?

Black Friday can be profitable for retailers. A winning Black Friday campaign with offers can lure shoppers to your site and sell more products — hence increasing profits, despite lowered prices. The key is reaching your customers before the big event and keeping them engaged with your brand.

Benefits of Black Friday for retailers

Aside from the expected sales increase, there are multiple benefits to participating in Black Friday for retailers.

  • Increased traffic and sales due to Black Friday campaigns.
  • Gaining new consumers through offers, social media buzz, giveaways and more.
  • Incremental sales via promotions, discounts, etc.
  • Reduce seasonal inventory, since early shoppers are looking for a great deal. This means they are likely to purchase products from past seasons at a discounted price — the perfect chance for you to move your older inventory items without compromising your brand.

How do retailers prepare for Black Friday?

  • 2021 will bring the oddest Black Friday of our lives. Retailers need to take additional actions in multiple dimensions so as to inspire consumers to trust them this odd year. You can read more on how to prepare for Black Friday 2021 here
  • Start marketing your brand early to reap more sales and engage customers with emails, blog posts and in-store specials (if brick and mortar).
  • Integrate and personalize your Black Friday Marketing campaign to tailor to your targeted audiences. For example, for returning customers, suggest products that are on sale or bundles that other customers with similar interests have bought.
  • Set a countdown clock to create urgency for sales that are both starting (to create anticipation and excitement) and for sales that will soon be ending (such as an early bird sale, etc) which creates a sense of FOMO.
  • Use an omnichannel approach. Despite proven benefits, the majority of retailers today have not adopted omnichannel marketing and selling. This means missing out on sales. Read on to learn more about why omnichannel marketing is a must for your brand.

1. Run an omnichannel Black Friday campaign

Many consumers prefer to conduct their research online and purchase in-store, or vice versa. A smooth transition between online and physical stores, desktop or mobile, is a must to avoid customer frustration and lost sales.

An example of a brand with a stellar omnichannel holiday campaign is Disney. First, vacationers start out on Disney’s mobile-friendly website, where visitors can design their custom-made dream holiday plan within the My Disney Experience account. When visitors arrive at the Disney destination, they can link the My Disney Experience account to a smart wristband called the ‘MagicBand’. It contains a touchpoint sensor and grants visitors directions and access to theme parks, hotels, and attractions that visitors have planned within the trip.

How: Running an effective omnichannel marketing campaign to work requires a robust CRM capability. One that tracks your customers across various stages of their purchase lifecycle, which provides you insight on when to best engage with each customer. A marketing automation platform, such as ContactPigeon, centralizes all customer interactions (e.g., web behaviors, campaign interactions, eCommerce transactions, etc) in a single repository. The customer data is captured within the platform in order to run segmentation and trigger marketing messages automatically.

2. Create mixed product bundles to increase profit margin

Product bundling works because it gives shoppers a sense of getting a great deal. Furthermore, bundled pricing allows retailers to bundle high-margin products along with ones that are low-margin to increase profitability. A win-win for both sides.

How: Consider which products go well together from your product offerings and create the bundle based on products that are complementary to each other (e.g., matching top and bottom, products frequently bought together, etc).

3. Contact your subscribers on a daily basis during the Black Friday week

During the days leading up to Black Friday, shoppers are flooded with offers discounts, giveaways and more. To stay relevant, it’s important for your brand to keep up the frequency of the touchpoints and be more creative in your messaging.

Communicate valuable information about your sales offer early on with clever content to convince consumers to shop from your brand.

How: Use an automated marketing platform to send personalized emails. You can include countdown clocks for sales beginning and ending, or special early bird deals such as gifts with purchase or additional discounts, etc.

4. Create special BF themed exit intent pop up

Set up an Exit-Intent Popup and catch customers before they leave! While exit intent works primarily on desktop browsers, don’t forget that desktop accounts for ~40% of sales.

How: Use Black Friday graphics to lure shoppers into staying on your site with great deals. Try something like: “Save 20% off your order NOW!” to see an increase in conversions.

5. Create a Smart Product Recommendation workflow based on products seen

This workflow will help you re-engage the vast majority of Black Friday traffic that viewed a product but didn’t convert, with monthly/weekly personalized product recommendations.

How: Tackle Browse abandonment by using an automated marketing platform. This way, you can suggest personalized product recommendations to shoppers via cross-selling or up-selling based on the products they have viewed but not purchased. The workflow can start from the Black Friday period but can continue into the holiday season or even beyond.

6. Create a Repurchase reminder automation workflow for each participating product

This workflow will help you re-engage with the customers a few weeks/months later with a relevant message, thereby extracting more value from your Black Friday marketing investments.

How: For products bought over Black Friday, create reminders via pop-ups and emails using an automated marketing platform. This works great with products that have a short to medium lifetime cycle.

7. Write 3 blog posts featuring 3 awesome upcoming BF deals

Drive potential shoppers to become enticed and more engaged with your brand and, ultimately, to shop your brand on Black Friday!

How: Provide subscribers with relevant and valuable information about your Black Friday sales. This will make them feel as though they are getting the inside scoop on the upcoming sales — a token of gratitude for their loyalty to your brand!

Wrapping up

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